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Top 5 Credit Card Relief Companies: National Debt Reviews 2014-2015

Credit Card Relief Companies
Credit Card Relief Companies

Consumer debt has reached an all time high. Borrowers are finding themselves struggling with their debts- left, right or centre--- be it through overspending, or illness or else unemployment. As borrowers, there is no doubt that you will try to attain solvency. However, in the process you are also exposed to the chances of getting befuddled by advertisements proclaiming quick fix solutions for your debt woes. Many of these firms actually end up encouraging clients to file for bankruptcy (instead of offering debt relief), which can be detrimental for your creditworthiness. You are thus expected to exercise due sagacity while choosing the right professionals to help you with debt reduction. A potent way to select a debt relief company would thus be to refer to reliable national debt reviews online. Here’s a list of the top 5 debt relief companies, according to us.

1) No More Credit Cards/ Golden financial services: The reason why it ranks at the top position in our list is simply owing to its Credit Card Hardship Program aimed at bolstering your financial health (of course, through debt reduction). With a whopping 10 years in the business, they have been accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau. You can expect to get debt free within 3 months or less. A close assessment of your financial scenario is guaranteed. Secure a string of golden financial services reviews at

2) Debt Wave: Though the company does not provide debt settlement facilities, its debt relief services are backed quality counseling tools. They have been in the business for more than 13 years (started in 2001) and have got the required experience to steer you out of your debts without hassles.

3) Debt Relief America: With a credit card debt worth $10,000 and 18% interest on it, you can well require almost 20 years to pay it off. Get to obtain such worthy insights from the counselors of Debt Relief America. Backed by the services of a friendly group of well-trained counselors, the company guarantees to bail you out of your struggles by helping you choose the right program. Check out its website to know how highly recommended it is, for all those battling with debt issues at present.

4) In Charge Debt Solutions: Established in the year 1997, In Charge Debt Solutions is a non profit organization which is acclaimed both for its credit counselling as well as debt consolidation services. Here’s a primer on its area of expertise:

  • Lowering the rate of interest on your loans, irrespective of what your credit score is
  • Consolidating your credit bills in to hassle-free monthly payments
  • Making sure that you’re not bogged down by incessant collection calls
  • Eliminating late fees along with over limit charges

5) Cura Debt: Established in the year 1996, the company has been dedicatedly serving borrowers (saddled with debts) with easy service terms. One of the major pros of this leading debt consolidation firm is that it allows a flexible payment schedule to its clients. Check out more at


Hope this brief national debt review from our end will help you out of your way to a debt free future. All the very best!

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