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Top 5 craft items for college

Whether you're just starting your college career or if you're a returning pro, here are my top 5 must have craft items for college:

  1. Scissors: At one point or another you will have to cut something, cut something open, or be asked to lend out a pair of scissors. (In which case I recommend having more than one pair.)
  2. Glue Stick: Sometimes entry-level classes will ask you to make flashcards using word and picture sheets that need to be glued to one side or the other. Also, some residence halls will host competitions during homecoming week that ask residents to decorate the hallways where it would be helpful to have a glue stick.
  3. Ruler: Some basic math, chemistry, and biology classes require a straight-edge for completing graphs in class or measuring various items for labs.
  4. Colored Pencils or Markers: Again, programs such as Floor Wars or even in some student groups making posters to put up on campus might want some color.
  5. Duct Tape: It really can be used for everything! From taping down wires running across a room to decorating walls and binders, Duct Tape is a necessity.

Bonus Suggestions:

  • Craft supply storage: So you have all your craft supplies, now you need something to put it in. I suggest the cubes that most stores sell now. They look like miniature footstools (and can be used as such), come in a variety of colors and you can actually put a lot inside them.
  • Pencil case or box: This would be helpful to keep all your items together, that way you can keep them all in one place.
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