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Top 5 classic children's birthday party games

Birthday balloons
Birthday balloons
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It takes a lot of planning to make a children's birthday party successful; one of the favorite things for kids to do at a birthday party is to play the kids party games. However, birthday parties are typically on a tight time frame and it is important to offer birthday games for kids that are fun and entertaining but also that do not take up an excessive amount of time.

Finding the appropriate birthday party games is also important based on the ages on the kids. You will want to offer children's party games that are easy enough for the young kids to understand and be able to play. If the birthday party is for an older child then you will want to offer birthday party games that are challenging and entertaining enough for the older child.

Here you will find five classic birthday party games for kids that are for a wide age-range of kids; deciding which birthday party games are most age appropriate for your child's birthday party will be the decision you will have to make.

Bobbing for apples

This is a birthday party game for kids that is an oldie but a goodie. Even though apple bobbing is a game that has been around for what seems like forever, it still to this day is one game that is entertaining for kids and kids just seem to love it. I think the best part of apple bobbing is letting the kids eat an apple at the end of the birthday game and their stomachs are filled with a healthy and nutritious snack.

Balloon toss

This is a really fun birthday game that is low cost and it helps to get some of the kid's energy out of their system. Each child is given a blown up balloon and he or she has to keep the balloon in the air by tapping it with their hand; whoever keeps the balloon in the air the longest without allowing the balloon to touch the floor is the winner.

Hot potato

Who would think that a potato could keep the kids so entertained but the potato does do the job. Children sit in a circle and while music is played, children pass the potato to the person next to them. Whoever is left holding the potato when the music stops steps out of the game. The last player left sitting in the circle is the winner of this birthday party game.

Simon says

This fun birthday party game for kids keeps the children attentive and entertained; the object of this game is for the players to listen and follow the commands given by the caller. Each time a child misses a command, he or she steps out of game. The last player left in this birthday party game is the winner.

Clothing swap

This is a birthday party game that makes kids laugh; the object of the game is to break players into two teams and have two bags of equal amounts of clothing each bag. A player from each team races to put all the clothing on that is in the bag and then takes off all the clothing and places it back into the bag, the bag is then handed off to the next player on the team. The team who completes the clothing swap game the fastest is the winner.

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