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Top 5 best indoor exercises to burn fat


Spent Too Much Time Inside

Winter is rapidly approaching and the best ways to stay in shape during those long, cold, dreary months is to either participate in winter sports, start working out inside, or a little of both.

The top 5 best indoor exercises to burn fat:

  1. Lunge with a curl press - grab a set of dumbbells and do a lunge, while in the bottom of the lunge, curl your arms with a bicep curl and then do an overhead press
  1. Jail Cell Push Up - Start standing up, drop your hands straight down the sides of your feet and jump your legs back to a plank position.  Do a push, then bring one knee to your chest and place it back down and do the same with the other leg, do another push-up and jump both feet back to you hands and stand up.

Pull-ups - If you have or can get a hold of a pull-up bar do it.  It is one of the best back exercises around.  If not get a set of elastic bands and begin simulating pull-ups.

Squat Jumps - squat down like your sitting in a chair and then jump up as high as you can.  Upon landing make sure to bend your knees and land softly, then squat back down and repeat.

Plank to Push - Start as if you were going to do a push, with your core flexed.  Go down to one elbow then the other elbow still in plank position.  Then push up with one arm and then the other back to push-up position.  Repeat continuously for desired time or repetitions.

Do these 5 indoor exercises and you will get one heck of an indoor workout in.

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  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    this is friggin ridiculous.....not everyone can jump up & down like an brainless idiot. There are people out here who **GASP** have some kind of physical limitation - not everyone is perfect. If they were they wouldn't have to do all this exercising.........