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Top 5 benefits of blogging for writers and authors

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Blogs, whether they feature written, visual or audio content (or even a combination of any of those), can provide many benefits for writers and authors who are growing a business around their talent or message. Here are five of the top benefits.

1 - Simple search engine optimization (SEO)
Search engines love blogs because blogs are more likely to have fresh new content. Therefore, they tend to index blogs more quickly and more often. Therefore, if you post new content to your blog regularly, your content will be available to be found more quickly by your ideal prospects.

2 - Supports expertise and cultivates thought leadership
One of the best ways to attract clients to your business and message is to be seen as an expert. Even better — be seen as a thought leader. When you have a blog, you can easily publish a log of content and this content can support your expertise status. Post content that stretches people and pushes concepts outside the box, and you're on your way to being seen as a thought leader, as well.

3 - Attract clients and build rapport with prospects
When you use a personality driven writing style … showcase your unique character in your blog posts … your blog can not only attract ideal clients through leveraging SEO, but also build rapport with prospects.

4 - Product, service and idea incubator
Your blog can be a place where you develop, create and test new ideas for products, services and books. You do this by publishing content that you think will work for your project and monitor how it goes over with your audience. This is a great way to nip bad ideas in the bud, as well as nurture good ideas through to fruition.

5 - Public relations
Your potential clients and readers aren't the only people who will find and read your blog — members of the media will, too. When you have an established blog, your visibility in the media can increase.

Also, blogs empower you to develop two-way communication with your target market and nurture a raving fan base through the commenting feature.

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