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Top 5 2014 NHL Playoff Beards: First Round

Playoff beards are a staple of NHL playoff time. Most players will not shave or sometimes cut their hair until their team is eliminated or hoists the Stanley cup. Alongside their favorite teams and players, fans will get in on the playoff beards as sometimes fans are more superstitious than the athletes. So through the first round of the 2014 playoffs, here are the Top 5.

5) Sadly the Flyers were eliminated in the opening round by the Rangers, so Scott Hartnell will not be able to grow out what we have seen in the past, is a wicked playoff look. Alas, his one and done effort is not going to go without recognition.

4) The Rangers put an end to #5's Scott Hartnell's season, and a big contributor to that effort is New York goaltender Henrik Lundqvist. The Suave Swede has helped his team into the second round and although he usually sports the light beard, his 2014 extension is pretty dapper if I do say so myself.

3) San Jose just can't seem to get it done in the playoffs, but one guy who can on the Sharks is Brent Burns. Now his beard is something of legend over time, often confused with the common yeti. Burns didn't get a chance to grow a wild one this year, but it wasn't shabby in the least.

2) Known as "Captain Serious," Jonathan Toews isn't known for his ability to create a grizzly look. His past playoff runs have seen some "Serious" mutton chops. But so far in 2014, Toews has been able to connect the chops and officially call this one a beard.

1) But all of these cannot touch one of the best beards that NHL fans have been able to see over the past few extended playoff runs of the Boston Bruins. Boston captain, Zdeno Chara, can grow with the best of them and so far in this 2014 campaign, he is the best.

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