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Top 40 Mumbo Jumbo

Missing the old fashioned radio station?
Missing the old fashioned radio station?
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How times have changed, for better or for worse? This all depends on who you are talking to, and what you are talking about. But I am a musician and a writer, and lately I have taken notice of a rather disappointing change in recent history. I do not usually take the time to write about my own rants, because I know that no one else cares, however I happen to be aware that I am not the only one who is feeling this same sadness, and I can not stand by without a word on behalf of myself and my peers who also enjoy rockin’ out in their car on their way to work every morning.

What happened to our Denver radio?! Where is the good music? Why can we no longer rely on radio stations as a means of finding new and fabulous music? Did you know that 3oh!3 and Meese are two of the most played bands on Channel 93.3? I am all for playing local music, but can we please stick to the correct genre for each station. And don’t get me wrong I love pop, once a teeny bopper always a teeny bopper, but there is a time and a place. All of a sudden every radio station seems to have taken a step down from what they once were. The heavier stations are slowly becoming adult contemporary, and adult contemporary stations are becoming oldies. The main problem is that every station now only plays top 40. This is the part that bothers me most. I will admit that the average music listener is a top 40 kind of person, but how do we expect to change this if radio stations never expand their rainbow of music?

Let’s go back to the topic of local music for a moment, shall we. There are countless local bands and musicians in this state. Let’s hear them! Yes, some are not suitable for radio, but so many are. I’m not talking about playing them for an hour in the middle of the night; I want to hear them during prime time, rush hour. Give me some Hazel Miller or Glass Delirium. How about just anything besides Kings Of Leon, maybe some Thrice or Finch. I have a hard time believing that the DJ’s don’t get tired of playing the same ten songs over and over…and over again, because we are sick of hearing them. For the love of everything that is beautiful give us something new!

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  • The Dad 5 years ago

    You tell 'em! And while we are discussing it....More Cowbell!

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