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Top 4 wedding photographer must haves:

  1. Talk with their previous customers.  Ask them how they were treated.  Were their expectations met?  Talk with more than one customer.  You want to get a broad perspective.  If there were issues, how were they resolved?
  2. If your wedding is in the afternoon, make sure your photographer doesn’t have another wedding booked for later on in the late afternoon/evening.  Weddings can run late and you don’t want your photographer rushing you through your photo shoots to get to his next wedding.


  3. Your photographer should work well with other vendors.   See how they feel to having a professional videographer to work with.  In today’s world of electronics, it’s not unusual to see family and friends at weddings with cameras and videocameras so a professional photographer shouldn’t feel any threat to having others around as long as the professional is given the room to do their job.  The videographer and photographer should work well together.  Talk with them both, if either has a problem; I would suggest finding another professional to do the job.


  4. Get a contract with all the details in writing.  Contracts should include at a minimum: the photographer's arrival time, a list of poses and shots that must be included such as the first kiss during the ceremony, the sand ceremony or lighting of the unity candle, the first dance, cake cutting,  bouquet toss and garter toss.  Verify the total costs, what’s included and verify who will actually be the photographer at your wedding.   Some may opt to use their trained photographers.  If so, make sure you are aware that the business owner/main photographer may not be the one shooting your wedding.



Email WingersMedia for a photo shot list that should be included in any wedding photography package.


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