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Top 4 ways for kids to have fun making Mother's Day gifts

Flowers don't last long, but these crafts will delight moms and grandmas for years to come.
Flowers don't last long, but these crafts will delight moms and grandmas for years to come.
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Flowers make a beautiful gift for moms, but they don't last long. Many kids love making crafts, and Mother's Day is the perfect time for them to have a great time making a present for Mom or Grandma that will hang around for awhile. Here are four easy and inexpensive crafts for kids to make.

Kids can have a great time making special Mother's Day gifts.
Beth McIntire

Potholders on a loom

Remember the potholder loom you had as a kid? You can still buy one, along with extra loops, from or at Walmart in the craft section. Once your child gets the hang of it, you'll likely have dozens of lovely potholder creations on your hands. Kids can even learn to weave them together to make purses or tote bags.

Duct tape treasures

Duct tape, long known for its ability to assist in a huge variety of repairs, now comes in dozens of colors such as electric blue and neon pink and patterns such as rainbow for use in making stuff.

Duck brand duct tape offers numerous free how-to instructions and videos for exciting crafts from creating a lovely rose to decorating a lampshade.

Crochet a scarf

Learning to crochet may interest older kids, either from a family member who knows how, or through a YouTube video tutorial. Crocheting something as lovely and useful as a scarf is surprisingly easy, even for a novice.

Finger crochet a bracelet or necklace

Kids who haven't developed enough manual dexterity of needle crocheting yet may find finger crocheting enjoyable. Kids can use finger crocheting techniques to make bracelets and necklaces as well as larger items such as potholders and scarfs.

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