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Top 4 technologies coming to your next job interview in 2014

Talent Acquisition in 2014
Talent Acquisition in 2014
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Will you be one of the millions of Americans still looking for a job in 2014!? Well, you might be in for some surprising technologies that you could see if your next job interview. In fact, the level of innovation in recruiting will change the process of job interviews for 2014 and beyond.

The challenge for most companies in recruiting is the disjointed and disconnected islands of technology in HR function that make it very difficult for recruiters to identify, contact, track and hire talent. For example, Yahoo gets more than 48,000 resumes per months but there are still more than 500 open positions in their US operations.

But some new technologies should help companies find better talent in 2014. And as a Joab applicant you might come across some of these technologies in your next job interview. These technologies are:

1. Video Interviews: Video sharing platforms such as YouTube have experienced explosive growth with consumer sharing videos to communicate with each other. So, it was only a matter of time where video would find it's way to enterprises and Human Resource Management as well.

One of the Silicon Valley companies in the forefront of Video Interview solution is WePow located in Sunnyvale California. WePow's video interview solution has been adopted by companies such as Sephora, Sports Authority, CNN and others.

2. Background Checks: Companies like Checqued offer background checks to help hiring managers avoid making costly mistakes. These companies perform through background checks. In fact, Yahoo's former CEO was caught in a massive lie since the former CEO had claimed to have an MBA which was not a false claim. Including in these services are Reference Checks which are typically the hardest thing for hiring mangers to perform.

3. Skill Assessments: If you wanted to stop the cycle of hiring the people you like and then firing them a year later at a huge loss, then it might be time to use Skill Assessments to pre-screen your candidates. Companies like International Knowledge Management which offers extensive library of skill assessments from Programming, IT, Call Center, Aptitude, Attitude, Sales, Nursing, MS Office, and Computer skills. Your employer could be asking you to take one of these online tests as part of your qualifications.

4. Social Recruiting: Gone are the days of using email to communicate feedback about a candidate. Companies like SmartRecruiters and GreenHouse have developed neat platforms which offer a workflow to track the progress of a candidate through the initial interview process all the way to on-boarding and final hire.

Being prepared for these kind of candidate screenings should help you stand out from the crowd. So, while you are practicing your interview skills, you might want to do it in front of a mirror since you could potentially be on camera next time you are being interviewed.

Good luck and break a leg.

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