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Top 4 sites for Obama's presidential library

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Where should Barack Hussein Obama put his presidential library?

In April, Illinois Democrats backed off a proposal to spend $100 million on the president's library after public outrage. That's understandable considering Illinois is bankrupt. Also, Obama -- Mr. "Change You Can Believe In" -- has pretty much destroyed America.

Here are four potential sites for Obama's presidential library, to be funded by Muslim jihadists and friends of Vladimir Putin.

4. Tijuana, Mexico

Obama thinks it's okay not to enforce immigration law because he wants Hispanics to vote for Democrats. Therefore, he doesn't want the Justice Department to deport children who are here illegally.

Put his presidential library in Tijuana, Mexico, near the tunnels built by drug cartels. And permanently keep Obama outside of the U.S. after he leaves office.

3. Washington, DC

According to a 2013 survey, Washington DC is the most dishonest city in America. The nation's capital has the most number of liars per capita than any other city. In contrast, Houston is listed as the most honest city in America.

Put the liar-in-chief's library in DC.

2. Kenya

Barry Soetoro was allegedly born in Kenya in 1961, according to British records. There's even a road sign in Kenya declaring a nearby town as his birthplace.

Put Barry's presidential library in Kenya, and make sure it doesn't have running water. American taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for a fraudster's museum.

1. Alcatraz Island (San Francisco, Calif.)

The best place to put Barack Obama's (Barry Soetoro's) presidential library is Alcatraz Island. It would be a prison where Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Eric Holder, and other liars would serve jail sentences for high treason against the American people.

Hillary Clinton (Benghazi), Susan Rice, and Jay Carney should also be imprisoned there.

Display Obama's real birth certificate at the entrance of Alcatraz prison. The island would serve as a warning to all liberal hippies in San Francisco not to ever mess with the U.S. constitution.