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Top 4 lifestyle tips to reduce your cancer risk

Eating your vegetables can reduce your cancer risk.
Eating your vegetables can reduce your cancer risk.
Zsuzsanna Kilian

For years we have heard doctors saying that eating right and staying healthy can reduce our risk for cancers. But what exactly is included in this idea of eating right? What kinds of other lifestyle choices can we make to reduce our cancer risks? To help clarify these ideas and give you a clearer pictures of "healthy" here are four essential lifestyle tips to reduce your cancer risk:

  1. Lose Weight - If you are overweight you are increasing your risk for developing many different forms of cancer. Look at some of the other tips listed below to help you get started on the path to losing those extra pounds.
  2. Stop Smoking - Obviously smoking can cause lung cancer. But it is also a risk factor in developing other types of cancers such as esophagus, throat, and stomach.
  3. Eat your Vegetables - A diet rich in green vegetables and other natural foods is essential for good nutrition and for your body to operate at its peak. Each at least 6 vegetables daily to reduce your risk for developing cancer.
  4. Reduce sugar and fat in diet - Cancer cells thrive on sugars and fats. Eating a diet that has a minimal amount of saturated fats and unrefined sugars with help you feel better and help your body reduce its risk for cancer.