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Top 3 uses for loose leaf tea

Loose leaf tea has many many different uses so keep reading the top 5 things you can do with it today.

3. Use it as a deodorizer- Leaves that have not been brewed will usually provide nice smells to their environment. If you look at many of the favorite teas in the world such as earl grey and green tea you will quickly be able to see why many people will bundle these leaves into tea bags and hide them in their gym bags. The leaves will absorb some of the not so great smells, as well as lightly mask other smells with their present aromas.

2. Compost used leaves - We have all been in that spot where you are left with a used up tea bag, or brewed tea leaves. The soggy leftovers from a cup of tea will gladly be accepted by your compost bin to provide nutrients back to the soil that they once came from.

1. Have a tea infused soak in your bathtub - We have all enjoyed the pleasant aroma of a nicely steeped cup of tea, so why not treat your skin to that luxurious smell. Many different herbal mixes will also provide beneficial properties to your skin so take a read and find out which mixes combine your preferred smell with the best health benefits.

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