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Top 3 types of sweaters to sell on eBay for profit

Sweaters are a consistent seller on eBay all year.
Sweaters are a consistent seller on eBay all year.

Sweaters are a great item to sell on eBay all year, especially if shipping internationally. Someone, somewhere in the world can always wear what you are selling, so don't worry that it isn't cold where you live. eBay connects buyers and sellers globally every day. Sweaters are also easy to find in thrift stores, consignment stores, and at garage and estate sales. Depending on the material, brand, and style, some sweaters can sell for over $100, so this is a niche worth learning. Here are the top 3 types of sweaters that sell best on eBay:

1. 100% cashmere. Known as a luxury fabric, 100% cashmere is expensive to harvest but lasts for decades when cared for properly. 100% cashmere is insulating but not itchy like other wools. Some used cashmere sweaters can sell for over $200 if in excellent condition, a large size, or 3-4 ply cashmere.

2. Alpaca. An alpaca is an animal similar to a llama, native to South America. Baby alpaca is softer and more comfortable than regular alpaca. Look for long cardigan styles and interesting patterns as well as ponchos. An alpaca sweater in very good used condition can sell for over $100 if a higher end brand.

3. Norwegian sweaters. These types of sweaters are also known as ski sweaters and often have a snowflake or skiing motif near the neckline, on the front, or throughout the entire sweater. They are often embellished with pewter buttons or clasps and made of very thick wool. The most famous brand is Dale of Norway, which can sell for up to $200 in excellent used condition.

Crafters often purchase used sweaters to upcycle into another product such as blankets, hats, gloves, or wall hangings. These high end sweaters can even sell for good prices if they have defects since a crafter may be using them for another project. Just be sure to show photographs of any holes, stains, or moth damage as well as explain the defect in the eBay listing. Learn more about selling preowned clothing on eBay here.

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