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Top 3 tips to get your kids to school on time

Enrique and Theo Serrano
Enrique and Theo Serrano
Photo by Miguel Serrano

If you’re a parent with school aged children, no one knows better than you how hard it can be to get everyone to school on time. If you’re a parent who works outside the home, this can be an especially difficult task, since you will be working on getting yourself ready for the day. So, what’s a parent to do? Here are three tips on getting your children up and running out the door.

· Get prepared the night before- Don’t let your child start searching for pencils and books ten minutes before you are supposed to leave. At this point, they will panic, and if they are not ready and can’t find what they need, you will inevitably get a phone call later asking you to bring them the thing that they simply could not remember. If you are a stay-at-home parent, you might take mercy on him or her and bring what is needed to school; however, if you work outside the home, this may not be manageable. Make sure they search their backpacks and have everything they need the night before. Have them double check before they go to sleep, and in the morning they should be able to simply shower, eat, and get out the door.

· Have them set their own alarms- There are quite a few parents that choose to wake their kids up themselves, and the children get used to not having to take responsibility for their own alarm. By getting them used to setting their own alarm, you are holding them accountable. They need to know that if they are late, it is their fault. No more blaming mommy and daddy because they didn’t get to class on time. Once they realize it is up to them, you may be surprised at how early they actually wake.

· Make sure they get enough sleep- Teens need to get enough rest so that they are attentive in class. Many kiddos are caught with their heads on the desk, snoring away while the teacher is trying to conduct class. Make sure they do their homework when they get home before they play any games or watch television. The last thing you want to see is your child sitting up late at night trying to finish their homework.

These are just a few tips on how to get the kids ready to rumble each morning before school. Hold them accountable for their own actions and see how fast they come around. As much as parents love to coddle and do everything they can for their kiddos, sometimes loosening the ties, just a little, is the key to success.