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Top 3 tips for storing your skis/board

Three tips to store your boards.
Kevin Jordan

The 2013-2014 ski season is in the books for many. There is still one ski area open in Colorado, A-Basin. If you are done for the season, here are three tips that will help you store your board(s) for the summer.

  1. Sharpen your edges. Many people put their skis or boards in the garage or storage after their last day on the slopes. Tune your skis or board one more time to make them ready to go for the next season. Plus, you might not have noticed small burrs or rust on your skis. This is why you should sharpen your edges and make them smooth before putting them away.
  2. Storage wax. After you sharpen the edges, put storage wax on the skis or snowboard. This way when you are sweeping the garage and you get dust on the bases, you can just scrape the dirt and dust off at the start of next season. You will be ready to go.
  3. Scrape the edges. Make sure you scrape off any excess wax on the edges. If there is any water on your edges, wax can help retain the water on the edges making them rust. Better to scrape off any wax on the edges both sides and base.

Store your skis and snowboards in an area that is not affected by temperature or sunlight. Often times a basement or crawlspace is better than a garage since a garage, when open during the summer months can heat up and have direct sunlight on skis/boards.

Follow these simple tips and you will be ready to pull your skis or boards out of storage, scrape the bases, and go!

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