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Top 3 things every bride should know when planning her wedding

This savvy bride knew the questions to ask to get the linens she wanted
This savvy bride knew the questions to ask to get the linens she wanted
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Several times a week I get phone calls that start out ‘How much does it cost to rent linens for my wedding?’ When brides start off the conversation in this way it is clear they have no formal party planning experience. That is alright. We all have to start somewhere, but I worry these brides could be taken advantage of by unscrupulous vendors who recognize a newbie when they see one.

I don’t think these same brides would call a car dealer and ask, ‘How much is a car?’ or a realtor and ask ‘How much is a house?’ We all know there are so many variables in a major purchase such as a car or a home it would be impossible for a true professional to give a valid answer. Without pressing the caller for more details, any answer would be worthless at best and designed to be misleading in the worst case scenario.

Like any important purchase, renting linens for one’s wedding has the best outcome when the consumer is an informed consumer. That happens when the bride knows her requirements so she can make sure her quote is complete and can make valid comparisons between vendors. Shopping for linens is not too different than shopping for a new car: It can be time consuming and feel a little overwhelming but the outcome can be so rewarding.

The top three things every bride should know before she makes phone calls to get linen pricing:

  1. Quantity and sizes of guest tables
  2. If you’re going to cover them, what type of chairs will you have
  3. What fabric(s) do you prefer

Brides who think ‘regular’ or ‘standard’ helps their vendors know what they want are mistaken. Beware. If a vendor gives you pricing based on ‘regular’ or ‘standard’ you are going to be in for a big surprise on your wedding day and I promise it won’t be a pleasant surprise.

Checkout our checklist to get the complete list of what every bride should know so she can rent linens like a pro. See the recommended links below. Follow our checklist and your phone conversation will go something like this:

“Hello. My name is Lisa and I’m getting married on April 28th. I’m calling to get information about the products and services you offer. I have a pretty complete checklist of information about my wedding reception so I think I can provide the information you need to answer my questions.

In general, I’m having 250 guests for a buffet dinner with dancing afterwards. The reception will be at Fair Oakes Manor in Clear Lake. Our guest tables will be 60” rounds. The chairs there are banquet-style that need to be covered. I want something that looks sleek and contemporary in shades of silver and purple. I’m on a budget but minimizing stress for me, my fiancée and our families is important to me. I am interested in having professional services along with the rentals. Can you help me?”

Lisa is going to be one very happy bride at her wedding reception. You too can be a happy bride. Check out our checklist for more tips.


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