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Top 3 security certifications to target in 2015

Security Certifications Map
Security Certifications Map

The role of IT is increasing day by day and people are using this facility in order to work and also it is used in studies. It becomes very helpful for the people because nowadays technology has become very dominant in all the areas. Every person whether he is a professional or whether he is a student require and use Information technology so that they can work accordingly and will be able to make most of that. With the positive functions, you will also find the negative use of such facilities which may be harmful and damaging for some. Like the hacking of passwords or codes not only you will be able to steal the information which may be confidential. These unethical practices are very common among the organizations so that they can steal the valuable information of their competitors and gain the competitive advantage which is good for earning profits but it is pathetic and not good for the organizations in the long run.

Importance of IT Security Certifications

In order to minimize this unethical practice, it is very important to hire the professionals who know about security because it is very technical and very skillful job because for this person has to know all about the security and all the means to provide the best security to the organizations.

Best Security Certifications

The security certifications are in large numbers. However, I have short top three for the sake of introduction.

GIAC security essentials certification is designed for those professionals who not only understand information security terms and concepts, but he should also know the skills and technical expertise required for the security roles. The person who is responsible for security concerns need to know all about 802.11 protocols, identification and prevention of common and wireless attacks, network mapping, public switched telephone networks, access control, authentication, password management, DNS, cryptography fundamentals, ICMP, IPv6, Public Key Infrastructure, Linux, network mapping, network protocol etc.

The second most important certification that can get is Certified Information Security manager. The Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) is for IT professionals who are responsible for managing, developing, and supervising information security systems in different companies. CISM was introduced by Information Systems Audit and Control Association, also known as ISACA in 2003.

The third type of security certification is Certified Ethical Hacker. The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is offered by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council). It provides knowledge on technical aspects which are not important but also applicable in various organizations like foot-printing and reconnaissance, scanning networks, enumeration, system hacking, Trojans, worms and viruses, sniffers, denial of service attacks, social engineering, session hijacking, hacking web servers, wireless networks and web applications, SQL injection, cryptography, penetration testing etc.

Reduce chances of failure in Security Certifications Exams
If you want to become security certified professional and you don’t want to fail in the exam just because you were unaware of the format of the exam, there is one proven method through which you can be sure to pass and it is preparing through the security certifications practice tests.

Practice Exams are questions that are very near to the actual exam questions. These practice tests make you familiar with the format of the exam and gives you confidence of passing it.

The security certifications practice tests prepared by TestWarrior professionals will reduce the chances of failure up to 90% in actual exam.

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