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Top 3 reasons the Seattle Seahawks will be the villains in the Super Bowl

Top 3 reasons Seattle Seahawks are villains for Super Bowl XLVIII
Top 3 reasons Seattle Seahawks are villains for Super Bowl XLVIII
Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Somehow along the way, the Seattle Seahawks became the most hated team in the NFL. They even surpassed the Dallas Cowboys as the team more people on social media seem to despise. ESPN reported on Jan. 20 that Seahawks defensive back Richard Sherman made some comments after his team's win over the San Francisco 49ers that shows one of the reasons why.

Here are three reasons that the Seattle Seahawks will enter the Super Bowl as the villains against the Denver Broncos.

Richard Sherman

While Richard Sherman might be a great guy off the field, someone who puts in hours and hours of work in the community, he is the biggest villain on the football field since Terrell Owens played in the NFL. Remember when Owens ran and stood on the Dallas Cowboys star, taunting all the fans? Sherman tries to top that every time out.

After the San Francisco 49ers game, Sherman did an interview about making the key play at the end to give his team the win. In the interview, he opened with a comment about how there is no way a "mediocre" wide receiver like Michael Crabtree could succeed against him. Later, Sherman said it was personal and based on something Crabtree said to him in the off season, but the fact is that Richard Sherman loves to play the antagonist, which bleeds off onto his team.

Peyton Manning

While there are a lot of reasons to dislike the attitude of players like Richard Sherman and head coach Pete Carroll, Peyton Manning has consistently been one of the most respected players in the NFL. This season, he has led one of the best offenses in football and broke numerous records, all while maintaining himself with the utmost of dignity. This Super Bowl will pit the brash, trash talking Seattle Seahawks against Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. It is clear who the bad guys will be.

The 12th Man

Seattle has some of the most passionate fans in all of sports. If there is any question of how passionate they are, just look at the fans of the Seattle Super Sonics who would travel to Portland just to jeer and taunt the Oklahoma City Thunder, four years after the team relocated. These fans are rabid and that makes them easy for other fans to hate. This isn't really fair, because being dedicated and loyal to your teams is important. But, it gives rival teams one more reason to hate the Seattle Seahawks. The best thing is, that really doesn't bother most Seattle fans.

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