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Top 3 reasons all eBay sellers should offer a return policy

A return poicy helps build buyer trust.
A return poicy helps build buyer trust.

Selling on eBay is a fun and easy way to earn some extra cash from the comfort of home. List the item, sell the item, ship the item, then you are done, right? Well, not always. Sometimes the customer isn't satisfied, changes his mind, or maybe a clothing item didn't fit properly. People are human and make mistakes. eBay sellers often do not want to accept returns but there are a few reasons every eBay seller should have a clearly written and fair return policy.

1. A return policy helps create buyer trust. You are trying to sell an item to a stranger who you will never meet, and get that person to part with their money. By offering a return policy, a seller is communicating to prospective buyers that he will work with the buyer to make the transaction right. Buyers don't want to hear, "All sales final." In fact, buyers may click away from an eBay listing if there is harsh or demanding verbiage on the listing. Be sure to state the return policy clearly, indicating who pays return shipping and what happens if an item is returned in a condition other than the way it was shipped out.

2. If an item is returned, so what? As long as it is in sellable condition there really is no harm in a return. Cheerfully refund the customer's money and relist the item again. (It will still be in the sold items folder.) Bump up the price a bit to allow for the eBay fees that are not refunded.

3. Most customers won't even act on a return policy. They see it as a safety net just in case a problem arises. Customers may contact the seller to ask for or arrange for a return, but never follow through. A return requires action on the buyer's part and many buyers simply won't go to the trouble to get their money back.

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