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Networking meeting in Beverly Hills
Networking meeting in Beverly Hills
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If you have been to networking events before and are new to the whole "networking thing" here are some very helpful tips to make you seem more confident and look like you know what your doing. (Even if you have no clue!)

1. Wear your power color.

All to often professionals opt for black. They want to blend in the crowd, look like everyone else, and it's a safe bet. Black is not a power color no matter what anyone says. Black is off putting. At networking events /functions it is best to wear your "power color".

Wear the color that you get the most compliments on. Some colors that attract the most possitive attention are greens, blues, reds, and pinks. By doing this it will make you feel more confident AND people will come to you instead of you going to them. Less work for you.

2. Bring business cards.

It seems like a no brainer . Not bringing, forgeting, or not bringing enough business cards is a huge no no. At a networking function not having business cards for any reason is incredibly unprofessional. You do not want to be the only one at the meeting without your cards and, writting down your info on a piece of paper is such a novice move.

You dont want to be that person. A good rule of thumb is to bring 100 cards. People may want more than one card or more people may show up to the event than anticipated. Be over prepaired. No cards, no business. Period.

3. Smile!!

Such a simple thing. New networkers get overwhelmed and nervous in the beginging, as they should. Its a room full of strangers who most likely know what they are doing and lets face it.. you dont. You will attract no one with a straight face or a grumpy look.

Seasoned networkers will not deal with you or take you seriously if your giving a stand offish vibe. Smile, it's ok. Much like wearing your power color this will put you at ease and will attract people to you. After all, showing up to the function is the hardest part. Smile, be expressive and smile. This will make such a positive impact on who you will attract at the meetings and you wil be glad you did.

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