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Top 3 healthy treats your dog will love

Top 3 healthy treats your dog will love
Maryann Tobin

The recent death of nearly 600 pets from contaminated Jerky treats demonstrates how food safety is not only an issue for people, it can be deadly for pets. All the more reason to find safe alternatives to pet treats made in China.

Safe dog treats may not only be less expensive, some of them are probably already on your shopping list or in your fridge.

  1. Carrots

Premium dog foods often boast of natural ingredients, including carrots. Since most dogs love “people food” this one tops the healthy treat list. In most areas, a bag of organic carrots can be purchased at a local supermarket for under $3. Raw carrots make a great crunchy dog treat. For dogs that need soft-chews, about 30 seconds in a microwave should soften a carrot enough for even an elderly dog to enjoy. Just make sure it’s cool to the touch inside and out before feeding it to your dog.

  1. Apples

This Jerky treat alternative is also relatively inexpensive and comes in flavors ranging from tart to sweet. To turn apples into a juicy dog treat, slice them into thin slivers instead of chunks so they’re easier to chew and swallow.

  1. Cooked potato

Some of the post expensive commercial dog foods include cooked potatoes, but there’s no need to spend big money to give your dog the vitamin-packed benefits of cooked potato. For a special treat, microwave whole potatoes with the skin on until they’re soft and fully cooked. Allow them to cool to room temperature, then cut them into thin slices or mash them for you dog.

Do not add salt, sugar, or any other seasonings to your homemade dog treats. Natural is healthier.

Of course one of the best ways to keep your dog or cat healthy and happy is to have them spayed or neutered. Not only does it eliminate the chance of reproductive organ diseases and cancer, it make them better pets.

Click here for more information on free and/or low cost clinics in the US. Just enter your zip code and click “search” for a list of providers.

Outside the US

Information on International spay and neuter programs can be found at:

World Vets International aid for Animals

Animal Spay/Neuter International

ASNI on Facebook

International Spay/Neuter Network

Be sure to check this list for recalled pet treats

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