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Top 3 brands of jigsaw puzzles to sell on eBay

Charles Wysocki puzzles can sell for over $100 on eBay.
Charles Wysocki puzzles can sell for over $100 on eBay.

Jigsaw puzzles are still a popular past time, even in today's high tech society. Adults especially enjoy working jigsaw puzzles with hundreds or thousands of pieces. In brand new unopened condition, some puzzles can sell for over $50. Rare or collectible puzzles can sell for even more depending on the creator and version. Jigsaw puzzles are commonly found at garage sales, estate sales, and thrift stores for less than $5, making them a good flip on eBay.

One group of customers buying jigsaw puzzles online is senior centers, nursing homes, occupational therapists, or caregivers of an Alzheimer’s or special needs patient. Puzzles are an effective way to engage with an Alzheimer’s patient, encourage the brain to hand connection, and help patients enjoy a feeling of pride and accomplishment. Patience and repetition helps Alzheimer’s patients improve memory and basic cognitive skills. Just about anyone can sit down at a table and work on a puzzle for a few minutes or hours – no special skills or equipment is needed. Keep in mind that the elderly and anyone suffering from paralysis may have a hard time picking up the pieces, so puzzles with large pieces are just as desirable as those with thousands of tiny pieces.

Some brands of puzzles that do well on eBay include:

Charles Wysocki, an American artist known for Americana, farm scenes, and folk art style had a line of cardboard jigsaw puzzles. Wysocki died in 2002, making his works more valuable. Some Wysocki puzzles can sell for over $100 in used condition.

Ravensburger Puzzle Company was founded in 1883 in Germany. They make quality puzzles for toddlers up to adults. Themes include animals, nature, historical buildings, eclectic artwork, pop culture, and even Disney. Prices for some used collectible Ravensburger puzzles can sell for over $175.

Photomosaic Puzzles are actually thousands of smaller photos arranged in such a way that when viewed from a distance a larger image is formed. People like the challenge of working these difficult puzzles. Common themes for photomosaic puzzles are the Simpsons, Disney characters, cartoon characters and animals. Sold prices of used photo mosaic puzzles can be over $40.

When buying used cardboard jigsaw puzzles for resale, don’t obsess about all the pieces being included. Often the box will say the puzzle contains a certain number of pieces, and brand new the count is off. Some sellers work the puzzle before listing it to verify all the pieces are present, but that isn’t necessary. Count the pieces if you like and include a statement that you aren’t sure if all pieces are included. Many buyers want the puzzle to work for entertainment and the pleasure of the activity and won’t even care if all the pieces are included.

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