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Top 25 Movies About Writers (21 to 25)


“The Hangover” may be one of the best comedies of the year, but Alan’s (played by Zach Galifianakis) “Wolf Pack” speech may be one of the most epic orations in comedic history.

In light of such writing grandeur, one questions remains: “Who are the best writer characters in film?”

From novelists to screenwriters, Hollywood movies have offered quite the eclectic array of characters who possess the arduous skill of pretending to be a writer. Some won Oscars, some won our hearts and some, much like Alan, were so terrible it made them great. 

25. The Optimistic Sports Writer
Andy Farmer (played by Chevy Chase) in “Funny Farm” (1988)
On his pursuit to write “The Great American Novel,” Andy finds that living on a country farm isn’t as peaceful as it’s cracked up to be. Plights of lost furniture, crazy neighbors and a lunatic newspaper deliveryman (although one may think has some great inspirational material), end up just damning Andy with writer’s block and mediocrity. The best part about this Mr. Farmer? He completely fails at his endeavor, and his wife ends up being the successful writer.

24. The Quirky Comedian and Playwright
Alvy Singer (played by Woody Allen) in “Annie Hall” (1977)
The high-strung and over overanxious Singer doesn’t seem that far off from the actor who plays him. In one of the most memorable comedies of the decade, Singer brilliantly writes a play about the complexities and arguments of his romantic relationship, marrying his skills as a playwright and comedian quite harmoniously. He was so convincing, he nearly won an Oscar for it.

23. The Sexually Distraught Comic Book Writer
Holden McNeil (played by Ben Affleck) in “Chasing Amy” (1997)
As Holden and Alyssa fight through the turmoil of their sexual histories, friends become jealous and tears begin to shed. Although Holden eventually chronicles their relationship in his comic book entitled “Chasing Amy,” his famous speech to Alyssa is so full of passion and yearn, Holden should ditch the comics and give romantic novels a shot.

22. The Historical Songwriter
John R. Cash (played by Joaquin Phoenix) in “Walk the Line” (2005)
Joaquin Phoenix recently brought us to our knees—in a fit of laughter. But in case anyone has forgotten, he actually has some serious talent (as proven by his Golden Globe win for this particular role). Mr. Cash is an iconic singer and songwriter in country music, and Phoenix plays the drug-addicted character all too well.

21. The Questionable Reporter
Peter Warne (played by Clark Gable) in “It Happened One Night” (1934)
This reporter really knows how to work it. When the story of Peter Warne’s career literally almost falls into his lap, he uses blackmail to get the exclusive. Once things get steamy, Warne warns Miss Ellie Andrews:

“Say now, wait a minute. Let's get this straightened out right now. If you're nursing any silly notion that I'm interested in you, forget it. You're just a headline to me.”

Eventually his unethical practices slowly begin to vanish, and he sweeps the lady right off her feet. Gable ended up with an Oscar for his performance.

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