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Top 25 . . . and why the 'BCS big boys' should quit crying

Two wins in a row and Wyoming, pictured here against TCU last season, could vault into the top ten.
Two wins in a row and Wyoming, pictured here against TCU last season, could vault into the top ten.
R. R. LeDoux

It is past time that the “big boys” quit crying. That would include all BCS conference schools and especially the television announcers and journalists that anoint them.  Yes, most programs from BCS conferences have huge campuses, large budgets, and tradition-rich programs.  Yes, BCS teams have to play in conferences that create challenging schedules on a weekly basis.  And, yes, it can be very difficult to win a championship in a BSC conference.  So, what?

How come no one has mentioned the fact that BCS schools enjoy a tremendous edge when it comes to recruiting?  There is not exactly a level playing field involved when trying to lure big, strong, fast players to Boise or Fort Worth as opposed to College Station, Gainesville, or Tuscaloosa.  Throw in the uphill battle that snow states like Wyoming fight when attempting to entice players from the urban, warm weather world, and it is evident that the big boys of the BCS- and their dedicated media- should quit whining about the success of “lesser” programs and or conferences.  The underlings must be doing a lot of things right.

When a BCS coach is preparing to battle a BCS-buster, the rhetoric is as it should be; that is, extremely complimentary of a deserving program.  Virginia Tech head coach Frank Beamer certainly did not refer to Boise State as an upstart with a weak schedule before his Hokies played the Broncos on national television last Monday night.  Rather, he heaped abundant praise where it belonged, which was in the Boise State camp.

Below is the Wyoming Sports Examiner’s Top 25.  It should be quickly apparent that Boise State is in position in these rankings for an appearance in the NCAA title game.  Which might well be as it should.  Then again, the nicest thing about early season polls is that they can change dramatically from week-to-week.  After all, the Wyoming Cowboys need just two wins in the next two weeks to crack the Top Ten.

Wyoming Examiner Top 25

1. Ohio State
2. Boise State
3. Alabama
4. TCU
5. Nebraska
6. Texas
7. Oklahoma
8. Florida
9. Miami
10. Oregon
11. Virginia Tech
12. Iowa
13. Wisconsin
14. Arkansas
15. Penn State
16. Utah
17. BYU
18. South Carolina
19. Georgia Tech
20. LSU
21. Auburn
22. Stanford
23. West Virginia
24. Georgia
25. USC


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