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Top 2014 Summer Fashion Trends

If you want to keep up to date in the fashion world, it's always best to think at least one season ahead. That is why I am featuring our top five 2014 summer fashion trends – because if you want to be ahead of the pack, now is the time to start updating your wardrobe.

1. Mesh, not lace.
For the last few years, it has been all about the subtlety and femininity of lace, but no longer. Now, everyone who is anyone is investing in mesh. Slightly more androgynous, it provides great silhouettes and puts a little edge to every outfit. Just be careful that you don't get strange tan lines!

2. White shirts are no longer just for work.
Instead, think about a white shirt or blouse as the perfect blank canvas to base your outfit around. Some of the most fabulous white shirts and blouses have fantastic colours that add that little bit extra to it, making it slightly different. Pair your favourite white shirt or blouse with a pop of colour, like a bright pink skirt or orange trousers.

3. Olympic style.
Not togas, but sports gear! We may be two years away from the next Olympic Games, but we are still running on the incredible vibe that the London Games brought us. If you're not sure whether you should wear it to a tennis match or a garden party, then you've found the perfect example of this 2014 summer trend.

4. Geometric prints.
Geometric prints are not only beautiful and fabulous on a dress or a great skirt, but they are also amazingly forgiving. Any lumps, bumps, curves or lack thereof that makes you really self-conscious will disappear underneath the mesmerising print. Trust me: the genius of these prints is that they smooth over everything, giving you the perfect figure.

5. Pretty as a pastel.
Like pastel colours were going to go out of fashion! This is a brilliant tool to keep within your wardrobe while you are transitioning from the old winter and spring clothes to your summer. However, if you want to update the pastel look, then you'll need to combine it with a more radical angle, such as a backless dress or a pastel belt.

By mixing these five revolutionary trends, you'll be the person that everyone turns to for fashion advice.

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