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Top 2010 no-kill advocates honored

The No Kill Advocacy Center announced the 2010 winners of the Henry Bergh Leadership Award.
The No Kill Advocacy Center announced the 2010 winners of the Henry Bergh Leadership Award.

Five individuals were awarded the No Kill Advocacy Center’s Henry Bergh Leadership Award today for unwavering commitment to ending the systematic killing of animals in shelters.

The recipients are:

  • The Honorable Micah Kellner, New York State Assembly Member, who fought to reform New York State shelters in order to save the lives of tens of thousands of animals every year. He also fought to protect the First Amendment rights of shelter volunteers. (You can read more by clicking here.)
  • Kelly Jedlicki, Shelby County No Kill Mission, who helped create Kentucky’s first No Kill community in Shelby County. In 2010, Jedlicki worked tirelessly to maintain its No Kill status for a second straight year despite significant challenges. (You can read more by clicking here.)
  • Jane Pierantozzi, Faithful Friends of Delaware, spearheaded the nation’s most progressive shelter reform legislation, the Delaware Companion Animal Protection Act. (You can read more by clicking here.)
  • Mitch Schneider, Washoe County Regional Animal Services, not only shepherded Washoe County to a 95% rate of lifesaving despite a significant economic downturn, he worked to export that success to other communities. (You can read more by clicking here.)
  • Robyn Kippenberger, Royal New Zealand SPCA, is leading a nationwide campaign to make New Zealand the world’s first No Kill nation. She is the first international recipient of the award. (You can read more by clicking here.)

The announcements were made in a special two-hour national radio program on Animal Wise radio.

About Henry Bergh: Henry Bergh was a 19th Century animal advocate who launched the humane movement in North America. He gave the first speech on animal protection in the U.S., incorporated the nation’s first SPCA, and enforced anti-cruelty laws with passion. Every night, Bergh would patrol the streets of his native New York City looking for animals in need of protection.

Upon his death, the poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote of him:

Among the noblest of the land;
Though he may count himself the least;
That man I honor and revere;
Who, without favor, without fear;
In the great city dares to stand;
The friend of every friendless beast.

To those who opposed Bergh’s attempts at saving the lives of animals, he was known as “The Great Meddler.” The recipients epitomize the unwavering commitment of Bergh to save lives, even in the face of criticism and opposition.

Past winners include Bonney Brown of the Nevada Humane Society, Ryan Clinton of FixAustin, and Susanne Kogut of the Charlottesville SPCA.

Beginning Monday, December 13, and every Monday for the next five weeks, one of the recipients will be featured in an article by Valerie Hayes, the Atlanta Animal Welfare Examiner. You can catch the first feature Monday, December 13, by clicking here.

About the No Kill Advocacy Center: The No Kill Advocacy Center is the nation’s premier organization working to end the systematic killing of animals in U.S. shelters. It is also the only national organization staffed by individuals who have created and worked in No Kill communities.


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