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Top 20 Recent Educational Technology Tools

The industry of educational technology is taking a huge swing, so it’s nearly impossible to pay attention to all new projects, tools, and concepts that appear nearly every day.

With the right combination of tools, all students and teachers can start using educational technology in a way that will improve their achievements. To save you from the effort of exploring an endless number of tools that recently hit the market, we are offering a list of 20 educational startups that deserve your attention.

1. TutorsClass is the most awesome online tutoring platform currently available on the web. It enables educators to improve their business, and students to find the right tutor for their needs.

2. General Assembly is a project that transforms thinkers into creators. There are some great full-time courses offered on the website, as well as easily-accessible classes and workshops.

3. enables everyone to create their own social networks in a simple and private way. It is spam-free and keeps the conversations safe, which makes it perfect to be used by teachers and students.

4. edX enables students to become part of online courses offered by some of the best universities in the world, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Berkeley University of California, and Harvard University.

5. Writinghouse makes the hard work of writing academic papers easier by enabling its users to apply citations automatically. The citation generator supports MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and APA referencing styles.

6. Slideklowd enables students and educators to share their slides to any device, get real-time responses from the audience, monitor the levels of attention, and instantly follow-up with the participants.

7. Udemy was created with the goal to enable students to learn from top instructors that include published authors, speakers, professors of world-class universities, successful entrepreneurs, and professionals in all niches.

8. Help.Plagtracker offers services of editing assistance and writing consulting that can be useful not only for students, but professors as well. The service identifies and corrects all plagiarism issues in the user’s academic content, as well as all mistakes in grammar, spelling, and logic within the text.

9. Knewton makes online learning content more personal for specific students. Each student is analyzed according to their performance data and the process results with serving up the most appropriate activity for each individual at a certain moment.

10. LoudCloud is an adaptive learning management system that improves the effectiveness of teachers, as well as the outcome of students who use it. This intelligent learning and teaching platform can be configured according to the user’s specific needs.

11. Udacity is one of the most popular educational tools at the moment. The project is meant to democratize the process of education by enabling students to attend free classes created by engineers, designers, and instructors.

12. Coursera has to be mentioned in a list of innovative educational technology tools, since it’s one of the biggest names among open online courses. It offers resources of immense value for both students and teachers.

13. LaunchPlan helps teachers and students improve their skills of writing marketing, business, and feasibility plans through collaboration in the classroom.

14. Metryx tracks the student’s achievements from any mobile device. With the use of this app, teachers can easily monitor the progress of their students and conduct formative assessments.

15. StraighterLine advises students about their choice of colleges, courses, and degree plans. Students can attend high-quality online college courses and save significant amounts of money.

16. makes knowledge more accessible than ever. Its users can not only learn the things they are interested in, but can also share the knowledge they have.

17. Lore understands the classroom as a community. This project is based on a social-networking concept, which makes the collaboration between students and educators effortless.

18. MyEdu helps students get through college more easily, tell their personal stories, and find internship and job opportunities.

19. CourseHorse is the most comprehensive guide that helps students find certificate programs, workshops, and classes in New York City and Los Angeles.

20. provides recommendations and connects students with the right tools, experts, schools, and education providers that make their learning journey simpler and more fun.

Conclusion: Keep pace with the educational technology innovations

The educational technology tools have dramatically changed the way students and teachers perceive education today. If you want to stay on top of your game, whether you are a student or an educator, you have to pay attention to the new concepts that are being placed on the market.

The approach towards education is changing unexpectedly fast, so every student and teacher should be aware of the popular trends and experiment in order to see which ones answer their needs.

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