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Top 14: Restaurants offering gluten-free French fries in metro-Atlanta

Ah the elusive French fry. While others take for granted their ability to order French fries, those who follow a strict gluten-free diet have to be careful. French fries are only gluten free when they are fried in a dedicated fryer (nothing gluten-y) otherwise they become contaminated by the wheat-y bits left behind. Most restaurants cannot dedicate a fryer due to the size of the kitchen, but those who can have gone the extra mile to create a true crispy experience.

Here are the top 14 places to nosh on gluten-free French fries prepared in a dedicated fryer in metro-Atlanta:

5 Guys – one order of fries (regular or Cajun style) is enough to feed four people and still have leftovers. They only prepare fries in their fryer, so dig in.

Bantam + Biddy – prepare their French fries in duck fat, which renders them more soft than crispy. Sweet potato fries are also on the menu.

Burger 21 – serves up sweet potato fries, French fries too, so indulge. Can’t decide which one to try, then order a 50/50 basket.

Chick-a-Biddy – one of the two places in town to enjoy crispy onion rings, but the real star is the chili cheese fries. The sweet potato fries are a close third.

Chick-fil-A – this fast food place offer crispy waffle fries, which are a lifesaver when running around town with or without kids.

Legal Sea Foods – offers French fries for their traditional fish and chips entree and onion strings too.

Leon’s Full Service – their gluten-free menu includes their famous and perfectly crispy pub frites, which are flash fried twice, and paired with a bevy of tangy dipping sauces. I recommend the garlic aioli, bacon herb mayonnaise, or the homemade catsup sauces.

Ocean Prime – Crispy, salty, and tangy perfectly describes their parmesan truffle French fries that are a meal in itself. The freshly shaved parmesan that tops the fries adds a pillowy salty air that ties the whole dish together. No one can eat just one, seriously.

Red Robin – serves up steak fries (huge) and sweet potato fries.

Ted’s Montana Grill –their potatoes are cut into fries and then dropped directly into the oil and cooked until they are crispy. Talk about hand-cut fries.

The Fry Guy – is the only food truck in town that specializes in French fries and a myriad of homemade dipping sauces. They offer thick cut fries (parmesan truffle fries too) and dipping sauces include honey sriracha mayo, and red curry ketchup.

The Counter – offers the most options of French fries on their gluten-free menu with: regular French fries, cheese fries, chili cheese fries topped with sour cream and chives, parmesan French fries, sweet potato fries, and a 50/50 basket option.

YEAH! Burger – offers fries, parmesan truffle fries, and onion rings all made fresh to order. This is the first place in town to offer onion rings and some people stop by just for them and nothing else.

Zeal Modern Eatery – serves fries, duck poutine fries, and zucchini fries.

Where do you like to eat gluten-free French fries?

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