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Top 12 Christmas-centered movies!

It's always hard to make a top 10 list of anything, so putting a together a top 12 (like the 12 days of Christmas--get it??) was a tiny bit less stressful. Purposely left off the list are some obvious--and almost played out--titles, like Miracle on 34th Street or Home Alone. Also, one more thing to know about the list: the movie itself doesn't have to be about Christmas, but if the December holiday plays a significant role (backdrop, prop, etc.) in the movie, then it's all fair game. Here are the Top 12 Christmas-centered movies:

It was Christmas galore in "Batman Returns"
Warner Bros.

12. Batman Returns

11. Die Hard

10. Nightmare Before Christmas

9. Gremlins

8. Ernest Saves Christmas

7. Elf

6. It's a Wonderful Life

5. Scrooged

4. A Christmas Story

3. Bad Santa

2. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

1. Edward Scissorhands

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