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2014 Winter Olympics

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Top 12 awesome helmet designs of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi

When it comes to the Olympics, everyone wants to get their name known by winning a medal of some sort, but it doesn't hurt to step into the spotlight beforehand. The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are bring forth all kinds of styles, personalities, and unique design techniques. Through events of Feb. 12, 2014, some awesome safety helmets have been introduced and so far, here are the top 12.

2014 Winter Olympics
Leon Neal - Getty Images
Some competitors have brought forth incredible helmets for the Olympics.

The uniforms of the Olympians are usually very similar to each other and showcase the countries that they represent. All of the competitors have a bit of leeway with their accessories though.

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That leeway has been very obvious in their choice of safety helmets with some very unique, stylish, and incredibly awesome helmets being shown at the Winter Olympics in Sochi already.

Check out the slideshow for all 12 of the images, and below are the descriptions of them in that order.

1.) Eric Neilson of Canada has an awesome looking skull helmet that wraps around his whole face. It's a very fitting choice considering he is a skeleton racer.

2.) Neilson's fellow Canadian skeleton racer Sarah Reid also has a great helmet that showcases a "Day of the Dead"-inspired look.

3.) American Katie Uhlaender wanted to show her patriotic spirit with an incredible eagle with the red and white stripes.

4.) Ben Sandford of New Zealand decided for a smooth look that matched his black uniform.

5.) Spain's Ander Mirambell threw a couple of polka dots onto the graffiti-like of his swirly helmet.

6.) Tomass Dukurs, a skeleton racer from Latvia, decided to go sleek and smooth with a monochrome black helmet.

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7.) Great Britain's Shelley Rudman didn't want to be too flashy so decided to go with a simple, but sleek blue helmet.

8.) This color-coded ram's skull sits atop the helmet of skeleton racer Sean Greenwood of Ireland.

9.) Luger Armin Zoeggeler of Italy has a mirrored helmet that lets everyone see themselves as they watch him do his stuff.

10.) John Fairbairn of Canada has one of the coolest helmets in all of the Olympics as his glowing brain zooms down the ice.

11.) Skeleton racer John Daly of the United States shines in his gold helmet that appears to give off a great bit of hypercolor.

12.) The reflective look appears to be in as Janine Flock of Austria also donned a mirrored helmet.

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