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Top 10 ways to find the right career for you

Make sure your dreams and aspirations are in line with reality. Figure out if the job you want is the job that is right for you. Try these steps before spending money on your education, spending time job searching, and spending your energy on a career.

Use the force to find your dream job
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  1. Shadow a professional in the field who is willing to be a mentor. Try to find a person who is close to your age or educational experience.
  2. Think of a broad industry rather than a specific job when exploring career websites.
  3. Take a crummy part time job before accepting your dream job. You'll appreciate the latter a lot more.
  4. Interview professionals in the field to make sure you have the skills and experiences needed to obtain a job offer.
  5. Be sure to communicate your dreams and goals with family members, employers, and networking contacts.
  6. Read The Idiot's Guide manual for the career you want.
  7. Take a personality test and consider if it fits with the job you want.
  8. Make a pros and cons list for the job you want. Be sure to include finances, education, relationships, and relocation.
  9. Take a career interest survey.
  10. Volunteer or complete an internship to experience the job first hand.
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