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Top 10 Ways to Enjoy Glutino's Wafer Bites

Glutino Wafer Bites
Nikki Hess

Just in time for summertime fun, Glutino released three delicious flavors (Lemon, Hazelnut, and Chocolate) of gluten-free Wafer Bites. If you were already a fan of Glutino’s Gluten-Free Wafers, you’ll love these tasty bite-sized versions that are packed full of sweetness. (And if you’re gluten-free and have been jonesing for a safe sugar wafer to try, and you haven’t tried any of Glutino’s wafer products before, get up from your computer, go to the grocery store, get a pack, and then come back here and read the rest of this. Seriously, you'll thank me later.)

A few quick notes on Glutino's scrumptious Wafer Bites:

  • These wafer bites are all gluten-free. For those who are also lactose-intolerant, the Chocolate flavor definitely contains milk, and the Lemon and Hazelnut flavors may contain milk. (I took a Lactaid pill before eating them, and any dairy in these products didn’t bother me.)
  • If you’ve been missing Kit Kat bars, the Chocolate flavor is as close as you’re going to get to a safe/gluten-free facsimile. I’d actually argue that these are better than Kit Kats—they’re taller, wider, and tastier, with 100% less gluten!
  • The Lemon flavor is (both in flavor and texture) most like the traditional sugar wafers you ate before becoming gluten-free.

Glutino’s Wafer Bites are the perfect “anytime” snack for all ages, and for anyone who follows a gluten-free diet. In honor of the official start of summer, check out these top ten ways you can enjoy Glutino’s Wafer Bites whether you’re on the go, at the beach or pool, or on a staycation at home!

10. Dip ‘em in fondue. The Chocolate Wafer Bites are already covered in chocolate, so this suggestion is really only appropriate for the Lemon and Hazelnut flavors. These little wafers are surprisingly sturdy, so they’re likely to hold up if you dip them in warm chocolate. Yum!

9. Cupcake topper. Make your favorite cupcakes, and then stick one of these square-shaped wafer bites smack in the middle of the cupcake’s frosting. Try a Hazelnut or Chocolate wafer bite on top of a chocolate cupcake with vanilla frosting, or a Lemon wafer bite atop a strawberry cupcake with cream cheese frosting.

8. Served with lemonade. The Lemon wafer bite may just be my very favorite out of the three flavors. Grab a handful (serving size is 7 bites) to enjoy with a tall glass of icy lemonade. The wafer bite is a sweeter lemon flavor, a nice contrast to the lemonade’s tartness.

7. Add some icing. Again, this one really applies to the Hazelnut and Lemon flavors (unless you want to drizzle icing over a chocolate-covered wafer bite…which, now that I think about it, sounds insanely decadent). Melt some chocolate, drizzle it over the wafer bites, and serve. They’ll look fancy, but they’re so very easy to make. Melt milk or dark chocolate chips to drizzle on Hazelnut, and white chocolate chips to drizzle on Lemon or Chocolate.

6. A snack to take to the pool, the beach—or anywhere else! Put 7 Wafer Bites (your favorite flavor, or a mix of all three) in a snack-sized Baggie. It’s a convenient, portable, and totally delicious snack.

5. Place on the saucer with tea or coffee. Having a friend over for coffee? No coffee or tea date is complete without a sweet treat. Serve Chocolate or Hazelnut Wafer Bites with your coffee beverages—place them on the saucer for an elegant look. Or, serve the Lemon Wafer Bites alongside a cup of tea.

4. Include them on a fruit plate. Fruit platters are perfect for bringing to get-togethers on the patio and summer barbecues in the backyard. Jazz up your fruit plate with delicious Wafer Bites. Any of the three flavors would pair nicely with a medley of berries and sliced melon!

3. Ice cream sundae topping. I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! Crush a couple Wafer Bites and sprinkle them over a scoop or two of your favorite ice cream. The possibilities are endless, but consider pairing Hazelnut with fudge ripple ice cream, Chocolate on top of Rocky Road, and Lemon on top of strawberry or vanilla ice cream.

2. Keep kids’ mouths happy during road trips. If you can’t take hearing another “Are we there yet?”, distract your child with these perfectly bite-sized treats. Any flavor of Wafer Bites is a satisfying sweet treat—which can help you get a much-needed moment of peace. (Warning: May cause sugar rush!)

1. As a tasty treat straight out of the bag! While Wafer Bites are the perfect garnish or topper for so many great foods, there’s something to be said for eating them right out of the bag. I’ve eaten mine as an afternoon snack at work, as an after-dinner treat, as a midnight snack, and as a to-go snack while running errands. There is no wrong time or place to enjoy a Wafer Bite (or several), and they’re so convenient that you actually can take them anywhere.

Glutino’s Wafer Bites are in stores now; look for them at your favorite grocery store! And for those of you who love Glutino’s Gluten-Free Wafers, don’t worry—the Wafer Bites don’t replace their larger counterpart.

For more information on Glutino’s new Wafer Bites or any of Glutino’s other gluten-free products (like sesame pretzels, frozen pizzas, toaster pastries, and more), visit!

Disclaimer: This article featured press samples for consideration. In no way did this influence the opinions expressed in this article.

Disclaimer, part deux: The reason only the Hazelnut and Lemon Wafer Bites are pictured in the photo above is because I ate all the Chocolate ones before I remembered I wanted to take a picture. Just couldn’t help it—they’re THAT good!

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