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Top 10 ways to become happy


How to be happy

Are you happy?  When was the last time you asked yourself this question, or have you ever asked yourself this question?  American society moves in such a hectic pace.  People are going from one thing to the next. They run the kids to school, run back to work, run to lunch breaks, eat lunch on the run, all so they can get  back to their desk--before running off again. Before you know it, it is time to run off and pick up the kids, and run to the next thing.

A beautiful and powerful quote by Osho states, "Happiness is a shadow of harmony; it follows harmony. There is no other way to be happy" .  Why does harmony lead to happiness?  When life is in balance, challenges do not seem so overwhelming.  When people are out of  balance and are not happy in life, they think this only affects themselves.  But in reality, it affects everything.  One of the leading causes of many diseases Americans face each day is stress. Stress is defined as the physical pressure, pull or other force exerted on one by another; strain. It is this pull, pressure and force that get in the way of harmony and keep happiness in the wings waiting for balance.

Carrying around things that do not serve life robs the heart and spirit. Looking around and allowing the heart to be filled with gratitude will lead to new places of happiness.

Gratitude, kindness and love bring such an amazing surge of happiness.  It is these things that come from the human spirit that makes life harmonious.  According to an online article from Time magazine titled "The New Sciences of Happiness", suggests that the virtues, previously mentioned, are the strongest ones for lasting happiness. This article also states, according to Martin Seligman, a Pennsylvania  psychologist, that, "the single most effective way to turbocharge your joy is to make a "gratitude visit".   It is also very important  to remove those things in life that does not bring harmony and balance.   Letting go of what is familiar can be very difficult and scary at times, but it is very necessary.  Letting go is an opportunity to make room for what suppose to be there in the first place.  Every end is just a new beginning.

Here is a list of 10 things to do to bring harmony and see happiness follow suit:

   1. Drink plenty of pure water. Penta is  wonderful.

   2. Eat foods that give energy and  reduce stress. Foods that reduce stress are high in magnesium: dark greens, nuts, seeds, avocados and dried apricots.  For energy, eat foods rich in B12: most fish, eggs and culture yogurts.

   3. Get plenty of sleep.

   4. Do yoga and learn to meditate, pray more. Stillness puts everything into perspective and removes what is not necessary.

   5. Do something to get the heart rate up: dance, run, kickbox, cycling, etc...

   6. Remove one thing from your schedule each week and replace it with something fun, or replace it with doing nothing.

   7. Laugh, laugh, laugh. 

   8. Just say thank you to life.

   9. Be present, slow down and live in the moment. 

  10. Say yes to life. Here is a great affirmation to repeat each day,  " Life is for me". 

Happiness is a state of mind and not the state you are in.  


  • Sharal Ozim 5 years ago

    Great and applicable article! It certainly resonate sand feeds my spirit. I am looking forward to reading more like these.

  • Charly Reed 5 years ago

    Great Article! I definitely need to put a lot of these principals into practice!

  • Tally Green 5 years ago

    Great article! I just loved the tips you shared. I am feeling you with #4 tip. As you know I love me some yoga and cannot say enough about the power of prayer. I look forward to reading more good articles from you. Thanks

  • Biancia Tauriac 5 years ago

    Incredible article! This nourishment is definitely encouraging and inspirational. I'm looking forward to reading more. Thanks for sharing.

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