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Top 10 Unhealthy Relationships

It's not me, It's you.
It's not me, It's you.

Ten Types of Relationships that Aren’t Worth Your Time

1. The Tumultuous Relationship: Guys that break up with girls due to other potential flings don’t really like you. The truth is, they just don’t like being lonely. Get them a puppy and move on.

2. The Silent Treatment: Text messages and other various forms of communication go unanswered for days. In a world of social media and iphones, if a guy really wants you he also wants to chat with you. Don't be that girl. Change his contact information to say, "this loser fell naked off a cliff and was only half eaten by a wild bore, because he wasn't that delicious."

3. The Jane Doe: When your identification in his phone is covert, he might as well refer to you as call #1137. The same goes for a guy that has no intention of revealing your casual or blossoming relationship to his friends. If he doesn’t look at you and say to his friends, “Yeah, that’s her” then you might as well call him Buddy #666.

4. The Midnight Excursion: If the extent of a romantic evening with him consists of just an evening in, with a potential trip to Ihop at midnight for nourishment, he’s probably not planning to take you to Sunday brunch with mom and dad the next morning.

5. The Guilt-Tripper: He doesn’t call. He doesn’t respond to text messages. He makes and breaks plans frequently and impersonally. Then, after you’ve determined that he’s been the victim of a natural disaster, he reappears and says, “Why are you so fickle? Don’t you like me anymore?”

6. The relationship you are attempting to access is temporarily unavailable. The mention of any future plans involving anything from getting ice cream later to having 2.5 children and a golden retriever causes a temporary shutdown of all communication. Remind him that you're only considering serious relationships with men that are actually good looking, interesting, funny, and with slightly more stamina than he can provide.

7. The One Way Street: He calls you on every bad day to vent, but doesn’t reply when you need help in making an important life decision. Tip: Don’t make that life decision to accommodate this guy.

8. The Blocker: He doesn’t want a serious, committed relationship with you. However, the very idea that you’d go on a date with someone that actually thinks you’re worth something is out of the question and tends to prevent you from giving anyone else a chance. Trust me; this guy is crazy to think you’d be cool with this stagnant relationship forever.

9. The Invisible Man: He likes to hang out with you one-on-one, but disappears when the opportunity to meet your friends or accompany you to a wedding occurs. Let him disappear and see if the cute best man is available.

10. The Paper Plate Relationship: He makes you feel cheap and disposable; utilized once or twice, but there is a stack of other women exactly like you. My suggestion, if you really like him, make him work for it and he'll feel the need to take care of you like fine China... or at least Corelle Ware.

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