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Top 10 travel tips from cruise travel experts

The word "vacation" creates visions of time away from work , daily chores, or problems . Vacations are thought of as your time for fun, relaxation, adventure, entertainment, new places to see and people to meet, and different food than you eat at home every day.

Letting the travel professionals lead the way to a great vacation
photos courtesy of Anchors Away Travel Boynton Beach

The goal for most people going on a vacation is to leave their stress and troubles behind while they are away, not create more stress and add problems. People forgot that when they book a vacation once a year they are not thinking about the same travel details as a professional would be helping them who books people to travel every day of the year.

Helping to put people's vacations on "cruise-control" has kept Anchors Away Travel Cruise Experts client base growing and their business reach expanding over the last two decades, all from their office based in Boynton Beach, Florida. they book passengers on cruiseships, guided tours, airlines, hotels, and theme park packages.

They shared their most practical advice in their 10 best travel tips.

According to Debbie Drujak, president of Anchors Away Travel in Boynton Beach, Florida, "I want people to be prepared and know what to expect .Some of the small details of travel, if forgotten, can lead to a stressful trip instead of a relaxing vacation. That's why we're here to help. We wanted to share some of our tips with your readers so they will have the most joy from their journeys."

For smooth sailing Anchors Away Travel Experts offered their ten best practical tips.

Travel Tip#1: Keep your medication, passport, travel documents, valuables, insurance cards and policies, and driver's license with you, not in your luggage. If your luggage is lost and has items that your need, you will have more stress and potential problems.

Travel Tip#2:Packing is important. Check your cruise and travel itinerary to determine if you need any special items for the events or themes you have planned during your trip.

According to the experts, men tend to under-pack and women tend to over pack.Reduce what you need to pack by including a black pair of pants. Bring a few tops for variety.

Pack a pair of black shoes, for example, that will coordinate with all of the clothing you are packing. Don't forget to pack a pair of comfortable shoes.

Airlines will charge you for extra baggage so lighten up. Les will be more.

Secret of the pros: Take you old underwear and t-shirts on vacation.Then don't take them home with you. Throw the old ones away. This means when you get home you'll have little or no laundry to do and a good excuse to buy new underwear.

Tip#3: If you're leaving children or other family members behind whether minors or other dependents, travel with peace of mind. Have a notarized authorization prepared before the trip that will allow the caregiver to take your children or other dependents for medical treatment in the event of an emergency. This paper will allow them to receive medical treatment.

Tip#4 : Divorced or separated and taking the kids out of the country? You will need a document stating that your ex or spouse acknowledges you are taking the child or children on a tour or a cruise out of the country.

Tip#5 Call your bank and credit card companies to let them know when and where you will be so that they will not deny your charges or withdrawls in another city or country. If they don't know that you are on a trip and you use your credit cards, checks, or even atm cards, it is possible that those transactions will be denied or on hold until you can verify to the bank or credit card company that they are your charges or expenses and not a result of a theft or fraud.

This is something I experienced when I went on a last minute business trip to London and forgot to notify the credit card companies first, the accounts would not approve my charges until I made the call verifying they were mine and valid. The professionals are right. You can save time and inconvenience if you take care of these calls before you go away.

Tip#6 Cash is still king in some instances. Why? Some overseas countries charge a Cash Entry Fee. Two that come to mind immediately are Istanbul and Brazil. Ask your Travel Agent if they know about the Cash Entry Fee and if it pertains to the destinations in your itinerary.

Tip#7 Travel Insurance: An added expense or a valuable lesson learned? Thanks goes to Anchors Away Travel for their advice to the seniors I know who booked a cruise and then the man was hospitalized the day before the trip. If not for the insurance ,the entire amount of money they spent for the cruise would have been totally lost. The insurance protected almost all of the money they spent. They just did not get the insurance premium back.They received the rest.

Tip#8 Book Early or go for Last Minute Deals. If you are retired, flexible, and love to cruise, last minute deals are a great way to go and you can pick up some bargain. If you can book early you can have a greater selection of the hotel properties that will be available and the cruise ships that you can book.

Debbie said," When you book early you have a better chance of getting the stateroom you want or the cruise itinerary you always dreamed of. Yes, my advice would be to book early. Expect to put down a small refundable deposit(check with your agent about the specifics and restrictions) to hold reservations to your dream trip . If and when the rates drop, we'll re-fare you at the lower cost so we can help you to get the best promotion dollar wise."

Tip#9 Photocopy your travel documents and itinerary. Leave a copy of your documents and complete schedule with someone at home so they know your complete schedule.

Make a copy of your documents and let your travel partner hold them. You hold a copy of your travel partners' documents. This way if you forget your documents you or they forget their or something happens to these papers you're covered, you have necessary information and backup.

Photocopy your Travelers Checks should you use those in case you have a problem and need to know the number of those Travelers Checks.

Tip#10 Always use a professional travel agent Why? As Debbie said," We have your back. In addition to finding our clients the best deals and promotions, we're there for them should a problem arise. We're a phone call or a text away. If a problem arises, chances are we know how to solve it . There's no substitute for experience and it's great to have someone to count on when you need help.

Anchors Away Travel in Boynton Beach books passengers cruise ships, group travel, guided tours, airlines, hotels, and even theme park packages. 1-800-449-2469

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