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Top 10 Torrid Items To Add To Your Closet--Clearance Edition


You get the email, You click the links and then you search through pages and pages of items. There is so much to chose from the Torrid clearance sale and not enough time to click through them all. Here you'll find the top ten clearance items worth their ridiculous 8 dollar shipping or the drive to the local Torrid.

If you don't have the funds to pick up all items, don't worry just picking up 1 or 2 will add to your wardrobe greatly.

10. This Silver Tine Necklace can glam up the most boring of outfits. At $4.49 its a steal and worth the money due the variety of pairing options this necklace affords you.

9. We all have those days in which we want to go for the laid back look or those days in which a long skirt isn't just a neccesity but a wonderful look. Buy this Brown Maxi Skirt and you won't regret it. You can go for the gypsy look with a nice blouse or the boho look with a nice cami. $10.99 & worth it.


8. How many lovely black tops do you have that were just made to wear with a nice skirt? Well pull them out because this Blue Art Skirt was made to be paired with that dark top. Want to go lightened? Pair with a white top. Either way this versatile skirt can work in the upcoming spring season perfectly.


7. This black skirt is sexy. There just isn't any other word for it. It's perfect for the office or for a chic night out. The lines give a wonderful slimming affect and the back adds an extra boufant of absolute feminity.

6. Everyone needs a wonderful White Top and this is definitely one. You're going to look great in this cinched empire waist that will hide that belly bulge plus a drop line v-neck.  A perfect white top is a must in the spring time so buy this now and wear it later.

Torrid White Top

5. The boyfriend look is still in full swing and this Tie Top is a nice addition. You'll want to wear this top with a few more buttons undone than in the photo but pair this with a nice pant, heels, fedora and picture yourself bringing your very own version of sinatra to life during a fun night out.

4. There is nothing you won't love about this Red Cowl Sweater. The wonderful cowl gives a laid back yet office appropriate look. It's also versatile for a night out. The belt is a great quality 3 inch woven belt. The belt  will be a good addition to your accesories collection and if you switch out the belt for  this outfit you'll definitely end up using it later. The length is also great to cover that bottom belly bulge

3. You're going to be noticed  the first time you wear these Faux Suede Katie Boots. You can't put on these shoes and not be hot. Pair these with jeans, skirt, or that cute dress and you're the definition of "Glam". These shoes are your friend.

2. This is a great deal on a Brown Burlap/Faux Fur coat. Marked down from $128 to $35. With a burlap weave and a faux fur neck you'll not just be stylish but warm in this coat. Of course they promise us spring is coming (though with 10 inches of snow on the ground you probably have a hard time believing them) but buy this coat and store it for later if you can't squeeze in a few wears this winter season.

1. This is THE versatile top. This Black Rose Lace-Waist top, jeans, heels or flats = awesome. This top, skirt = awesome. This top, bolero, pant = awesome. This top, panties, evening with a sexy lover = awesome. Either way any accesory to this top is going to work. Don't pass it up. It will look great on you. Just remember to pair it with you best supportive, strapless bra.

Honorable "different can be good" Mentions:

So many colors can be scary when added all together and I gotta be honest I'm a litle remiss to put this Yellow Paintbrush Chiffon Halter Dress  on and try to make it work but thats almost why I love it. Take the adventure with me. Shell out the measly $14 down from $69 on this dress, take it home and make it work

This Pink Brown and White Tweed Boucle Cropped Jacket is so cute and has a lot of pairing potential. A lovely white dress thats screaming for a jacket will love this but outside of that you probably wont be adding this jacket to your every day wear. I also see this jacket in a lady gagaesque outfit with long evening gloves. Wouldn't that be wonderful? Yes, yes it would. Buy this jacket and bring out your inner fashion diva

You can find Torrid in 3 locations in the DFW area or online at The 50% Off ends Tuesday.


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