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Top 10 toilet-themed news stories

Toilet humor of course is typically just considered to include profane or sexual jokes. Or they are jokes that are worthy of the place we associate with the most ill-humored jokes. In a variation on that theme the video attached to this story will show you the best (or worst?) ten toilet-themed stories you've ever seen.

National Toilet Day--December 21, 2013-- brought the toilets into public view in San Francisco, California.
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

As you'll see these aren't dirty jokes but they're some of the most hilarious toilet-themed ideas you've ever seen. I laughed each time I saw this video.

The music attached to it was hilarious as well.

Toilets, toilets, toilets: what businesses and products can people build with toilets? Here's what the videographers came up with. There are toilet restaurants, weddings in bathrooms and wedding dresses made of toilet paper.

Check it out.

It's freaking HILARIOUS!

There is a wedding dress made of toilet paper.

Can you believe a car shaped like a toilet.

Have you ever seen a diner with toilets for chairs to dine from. I'm serious.

Here's, perhaps, the last thing most people would ever consider: a marriage in a bathroom. That's on this top ten list.

How 'bout considering a bathroom with gaming devices--video gaming devices--placed over the urinals? Is that strange or what?

A house shaped like a toilet is something your friends would think was funny. It would be funny until they realize you live there!

These are all news stories that appear in this collection of top toilet-themed news stories.

Check them out.

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