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Top 10 Tips: Spring Clearing

Spring Cleaning

Hooray! It's Spring!!

I always think that springtime is a great time to clear your space, let in the light, and be open to myriad opportunities and positive signs of change. Think about organizing spaces so that items are easy to retrieve and return. Fluff pillows, wash curtains, do a deep cleaning. Ask friends to help, and reciprocate in kind. Below are some helpful tips to organize your spring home.

1. Cycle out your winter clothing. You will no longer need easy access to heavy winter coats and other winter accessories. Wash or dry-clean garments before storing them in a zippered sweater or blanket bag.

2. Donate/discard clothing or items you no longer need or want. The items you want to keep should serve you on some level. If something doesn't serve body, mind, or spirit Let. It. Go. Plan a garage sale to get rid of the extra clutter in your home.

3. Keep gardening tools organized by standing them in a bucket for easy access.

4. Make a cleaning checklist and follow through with it. This may include wiping down walls and cleaning windows, dusting bookshelves and parts of your home that rarely see movement, and don't forget the tops of ceiling fan blades.

5. Now that tax season is over, it is time to put away all those papers you pulled out to get ready for your accountant.

6. Swap heavy curtains, rugs, and throws for lightweight ones.

7. Wash your pillows. Bacteria and dust build up in your pillows. They need to be washed.

8. Ensure fire safety in your home. Twice a year change the batteries in fire alarms, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors. Check that fire extinguishers are full and easy to access.

9. Spring clear your computer! Store data on an external hard drive, such as pictures, videos, and files you no longer need but have important value to you. Putting files on an external hard drive will free computer space and your computer will function better.

10. Clean your outdoor spaces. Sweep up cobwebs and debris. Wash decks, patios, driveways and walkways. Be sure to also wash outdoor furniture. Also inspect light fixtures and check for damaged wires and connections.

On a personal note -
I want to thank the many people who purchased my new book, Psychic Debris, Crowded Closets: The Relationship Between the Stuff in Your Head and What's Under Your Bed. Amazon reviews and readers' comments have warmed my heart. The work that I get to do - helping to clear the path one Hefty bag at a time - is a privilege. If you haven't obtained your copy, you may do so by clicking here.

New Workshop Series!
Watch for details about my summer Tele-seminar series, Exceptional Organizing: Strategies for De-cluttering People With Special Needs and Abilities.


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