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Top 10 Tips: Reaching your Goal

Goal setting is SMART

Goals? Resolutions? No matter the word you use, most people view January as the perfect time to take action toward whatever they want to accomplish. According to the pollsters, losing weight and getting organized top the list of changes people want to make in their lives.

Getting organized is not quite as easy as it sounds. Before most people 'get organized,' they must clear the calendar for a full-on de-cluttering of every space in their place!

By following the 10 Top Tips to De-clutter for the New Year, you increase the likelihood of success! No magic secrets or formulas (sorry!), just a simple blueprint for planning and getting it done. Take your time, involve folks you trust, and don't get discouraged. Erase from your thinking any words or images that don't serve you. Believe in yourself. Believe you can do this.

So.... if you are among those who like the idea of starting the year with a firm resolve to clear away your clutter, then these tips are for you!

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I wish you all a peaceful and prosperous 2014...

Top 10 Tips: Reaching your Goal

1. Make a clear decision. It is easier to achieve goals when we know exactly what we would like to accomplish and by when. Instead of wanting "an organized garage," try "a garage in which I can park my car, and clearly labeled bins for storage that will be kept overhead and out of the way but not strenuous to reach." Focus on what matters most with what you are trying to achieve.

2. Be realistic. As Rome wasn't organized in a day; your entire house will not be either. Don't strive to make your home look like a Pottery Barn catalog but rather to create a functional and comfortable space. Use some clever organizing ideas you think will help you maintain a happy living place!

3. Plan. Strategize to reach your goal by a specific date as a way to keep you on track, especially if you live a busy life and find yourself with little spare time. For example, if your goal is to organize arts and crafts supplies, you may want to start with grouping like items with like items, and recycling what you do not want. Then, you may want to put the items where you can see/access them easily, and so on, until you have organized all of your arts and craft supplies. Plan little steps at a time with what works for you. There is usually more than one method to achieve your goal. Find which suits you the best.

4. Write it down. Having a visual of what you want to achieve will better ensure you do not lose track of what you are trying to do. Some people do this with vision boards, but writing your goal on a space that you see daily keeps your goal alive and in your head.

5. Track your progress. This may go back to the planning phase, making a checklist to be completed by a specific date. It's okay if you fall behind schedule-just keep at it and you will be fine.

6. Setbacks can happen. Accept it and learn from it. You are not your stuff. Do not set yourself up for failure. If you try to do something the same way several times and have the same result, perhaps you should try another way.

7. Involve others. The job may go faster with more people or maybe you just need a second opinion or some advice. Getting input is a great asset to achieving your goal and seeing things from a different perspective. Sometimes we may just need help from people we love and trust that will support us.

8. Don't stop! Some obstacles may be difficult to overcome and at times you may lose hope and motivation, but remember: you created a specific, realistic goal that you can achieve through baby steps. Be patient with yourself.

9. Reflect. Remember why and how you are achieving your goal. How will your goal benefit you in the short-term and in the long-run?

10. New Year's Day is not the only time to set goals. You have your whole life, not just this one time of year! Your goal is yours alone and only you own it, so go ahead, set another goal after finally getting the garage cleared or office filing system up and working! If you need non-judgmental support, motivation, or professional help check out

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