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Top 10 Tips: Making Room for Spring

It's that time of year again!

Spring is Clean! Clean is Spring!

Although Los Angeles has yet to experience winter this year, by the calendar, Spring is just around the corner. Our March Clear Path newsletter gives you a very cool array of strategies and ideas for moving forward on your ideas to clear and clean and create the space you need, want, desire.

Here's a fun 2-minute organizing idea - if it takes 2-minutes or less to complete a task, "just do it." If a task takes longer than 2-minutes (and most tasks do) - at least start it by calendaring the date to begin, listing supplies you made need, scheduling time with a friend (or your favorite Organizer!) to help. Here - this article should help with the 2-minute organizing idea!

Have fun, clear your head, your space, and your place! Happy almost Spring!

1. Get rid of stains! Different surfaces and stains require different methods of removal. Refer to this "stain removal guide" and keep in the same, easy to access spot for future reference.

2. Organize your closet. Organize by what works for you. You might want to make sections like: work, casual, formal, athletic, PJs. Or perhaps you prefer: blouses, sweaters, dresses and then organize by color. Either way, come up with a plan and put it to work. Regardless, it would be beneficial to eliminate what you don't wear or is damaged. Click here for a list of donation and recycle centers. Take is a step further and pick out what you're going to wear the next day right before bed.

3. Clean all of the stainless steel in your home. Mist the cleaning solution onto the stainless steel and wipe with a lint free (lint will stick to the oil in your fingers) cloth. Be mindful to not use abrasive cleaning products that will scratch or damage the stainless steel surface.

4. Reorganize the bookshelf. Sort books by size and subject. Arrange some of your books vertically and horizontally to ease tension on the eyes.

5. Clean the carpet. When was the last time your carpets were deep cleaned? Dust mites, dirt, and allergens are commonly found in the fibers of carpets. Whether you hire a professional or invest in a rug cleaner, a clean carpet will freshen up any room.

6. Clean windows and window panes. Windows carry dirt from both the inside and outside. Cleaning your windows helps maintain the quality of the windows, as well as a clean appearance.

7. Make sure your "Welcome" mat is inviting and not covered in dirt or filth. Shake it out, wash it with a hose, and set it to dry. Keep these clean enough so they are able to function as "dirt catchers" before anyone enters the home.

8. Wash and wipe down walls, cabinets, baseboards, crown molding, cabinets, etc. The room will instantly appear brighter and more welcoming! Be careful to ensure the cleaning supplies you are using will not damage what is being cleaned.

9. Clean ceiling fixtures. Dust ceiling fans and remove dust on the air-conditioner vents.

10. Clean out your head. Designate time for yourself to relax and enjoy your own company. Come up with plans of action so you don't spend time worrying about something you are not able to control.

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