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Top 10 Tips: Love your Space

Enjoy life clutter free
Enjoy life clutter free

February, the month of love, always seems to arrive as a mixed bag. It's wildly enjoyed by some and wished away by others, and for many more, the 14th of February is a non-event. Whatever V-day is for you, it usually centers around the people who are (or are not) in your life.

We generally use this time of year to send expressions of love to others, but here at A Clear Path, we encourage our readers to give yourself the gift of a whole lot of love. As you read these tips below, think of the many ways you may show love to your surroundings, to the things you touch, and to how you are in your space.

1. Make a date… with your clutter. Set a date and time to clear the clutter from your home, and don’t stand up your date! Treat this appointment as if it were a check-up at a doctor’s office. Something you don’t care to do, but must for your mental health. If you have many rooms that need some TLC, make multiple dates.

2. Everything you touch should put you in a good mood. This may mean updating or switching out knobs and door handles, or maybe just giving a good cleaning to door handles, light switch covers, tooth brush holders and other items that make you feel happy.

3. Choose a room and really clean it. Sweep out everything under the rug, clear the junk drawer, dust the shelves… leave it spotless. Notice the difference you feel afterwards.

4. Enjoy a meal at home. Eating at home can instantly make your kitchen a place you want to be. Just knowing the refrigerator is full or the cabinet is full of your favorite snacks can elevate your mood.

5. Make your bed as soon as you wake up. This goes for everyone else in the family, too. A bedroom always feels calmer after the bed is made.

6. Light up the place. It is not uncommon for dimly lit rooms to hide the most clutter. Bad lighting can make a room feel uninviting and uncomfortable. Natural and synthetic light is much more welcoming.

7. Treat yourself. Whether it’s a fancy bath soap you love using or displaying flowers from your garden, find something you enjoy having around, and if you can afford it, splurge. If you can’t afford it, creating something you do enjoy to have in your home.

8. Sleep in. If your schedule does not permit you to enjoy a morning in, get yourself some comfortable sheets or a mattress topper. For an inexpensive solution to bedroom comfort, try hanging a picture that makes your heart happy or washing your sheets with your favorite scented fabric softener.

9. Leave some space between you stuff
. Leave a noticeable amount of space in bookshelves, closets and open display cases. Also, try consolidating like items in your drawers. Display only what makes you happy rather than displaying items that don’t have a place to go. Remember: if you don’t use it, donate it.

10. Photographs turn a house into a home. But if you have too many photographs and not enough wall space, consider using an electronic picture frame.

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