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Top 10 things to do now that NFL football season is over

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As always, all good things must come to an end. Football season is officially over.

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The great and wonderful explosion of light and electric energy that Pro football brings into our home's and lives, has sadly dimmed until next season.

As part of the recovery process, I've created this to-do list of things to get you back into the game of life. Hopefully this will take your mind off of football for a moment or two.

"Top 10 things to do now that NFL football season is O-V-E-R"

10. Fluff the butt prints out of the sofa cushions

9. Cancel that "Bean Dip of the Month" subscription

8. Wash the stinky Denver Broncos Jersey that you've
worn all season for good luck

7. Scratch another notch on the wall to compare this year's
beer belly to last year's beer belly

6. Lose the beer belly

5. Notice how much your children have grown over the past 5

4. Resume your normal Sunday routine, whatever that was?

3. Catch-up on Duck Dynasty re-runs

2. Go outside and make football shape snowballs

1. Make Valentine's Day reservations buddy, because you
owe her big time!

P.S. The 2014 NFL Draft starts on May 8th.

I'll be tracking the NFL off-season's major changes and the NFL player's antics in the off-season. In addition to those "other" sports that clearly can't hold a candle to football. Subscribe to my sport's news feed. It's free and no spam!