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Top 10 Tag Teams Part Two!

The Steiner Brothers
The Steiner Brothers

How awful are the current WWE Tag Titles? I feel like they were mocking the tag team division when they debuted (too toyish to me). They brought back the old IC title (which is one of my favorites) so they should bring back the 90’s WWE tag titles! Well that’s my first rant out of the way, so welcome to part two of the Top 10 Tag Teams of all time! This is my opinion and my top 10 based on talent and success and ability and most important, my opinion! To recap 10-6: 10.Dudley Boys, 9.Harlem Heat, 8.Owen Hart & British Bulldog, 7. Hart Foundation, 6. Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard. And Here are the rest!

  • 5.The British Bulldogs—Davey Boy Smith and Dynamite Kid, also known as The British Bulldogs, were one of my favorite teams ever. Dynamite Kid, real name Tom Billington, was the cousin of Smith and had a long standing feud with Bret Hart and the Hart Foundation(search for those matches on the WWE Network). Dynamite Kid was an incredible athlete and what made these guys so good is they both were powerful and fast. Davey Boy (2nd appearance on this list because he was very, very good) and Dynamite would go on to win the WWE tag titles at WrestleMania 2 (winning a belt at WrestleMania means something.. These two didn’t last as long as the other teams on the countdown, but if you want the perfect combination in a tag team, look the Bulldogs up!
  • 4.Midnight Express—This is a team that had multiple members (more than 6) but I’ll focus on the most successful versions that had Dennis Condrey, Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane. After a feud with the Express, ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton joined up with ‘Loverboy’ Dennis Condrey in Crocket Promotions under the management of Jim Cornette. These two would go on to win over 50 tag titles together (I would say that is pretty decorated) before Condrey left and was later replaced by ‘Sweet’ Stan Lane. Lane and Eaton took the name into WCW and continued to have success at one of the deepest Tag Team divisions in history. Jim Cornette (should be in the Hall of Fame) is one of the best minds in wrestling and was vital to the success of this legendary team.
  • 3.Legion of Doom—Gary Michael Capetta always said it best, ‘Road Warrior Hawk, Road Warrior Animal, The Legion of Doom! Often regarded as the Greatest Team of all time, Animal and Hawk reached success in every company there were in (being the only team to win the WWE, WCW and AWA titles). Both guys didn’t bring something different to the table, they were both strong and they hit hard. Their popularity will have people complaining that they are not number one on my list, but I don’t want to explain why they are not in this countdown. I’d rather just go on about how everyone felt when their music hit and they would walk out with their spikes on the shoulderpads after their signature “What a Rush” would hit (as their WWE theme anyways). There have been a few variations of this team, but Hawk and Animal were dominant (with their ‘Doomsday Device’ finisher)in a time where every company was loaded with tag team talent.
  • 2.Rock N’ Roll Express—Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson came to the High School in my town in the mid 90’s and they were just as exciting as they were in the Mid 80’s! When WWE had their countdown on the network and called the Rockers innovating, I scratched my head (and cursed a few times). The Rockers were the AWA rip off of Morton and Gibson (the Rockers were the Midnight Rockers after a time when the Midnight Express and the Rock N Roll Express were in the best tag team feud in wrestling). Everything the Rockers were so good at, Morton and Gibson were fantastic at it! Both were simular in being athletic and fast, but no team looked as sharp and moved as one. It is easy to get caught up with the excitement of these two, so please do yourself a favor and find these two on the network (and YouTube) because Morton & Gibson are easily first ballot Hall of Famers.
  • 1. The Steiner Brothers—Rick and Scott Steiner are brothers, are former amatuer wrestlers, and in my opinion, the greatest Tag Team of all time! Rick Steiner ‘The Dogface Grimlin’ started his professional wrestling career before brother Scott, but after Scott started going to the ring with Rick, they sooned tagged up. Both had agility and power and the amatuer background to make take them up the rankings very quickly and became successful everywhere they went. Scott & Rick, real name ,Scott Rechsteiner and Robert Rechsteiner, went to win the tag titles in WCW, WWE and IWGP in Japan, one of two teams to do this (Dudley Boys) and the only team to do it while WCW was still going. Both of these guys could body slam and suplex the life out of anyone. Scott would later find singles success in the late 90’s into the early 2000’s as a regular in the main event and Rick would also wrestle as a singles but nothing compared to success the decade plus of being together. The Steiner's were a complete package and in my opinion, the greatest tag team of all time!

Steiners versus the Road Warriors, Midnight Express versus the Rock N' Roll Express, the Bulldogs versus the Hart Foundation, (and so on, and so on, and so on) are some of the best matches in wrestling. I named my top 10 (I would be okay if you swapped the top 3 in any order you wanted. I would still be satisfied) of all time and maybe there will be a team one day that will break into this elite list of mine. I have plans to write top 10 list for greatest wrestler, themes, pay per view, gimmicks and whatever else we can list because it is fun to talk and argue about with eachother. Pro Wrestling isn’t as fun if no one is yelling and debating with eachother!

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