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Top 10 Tag Teams of All Time Part One!

Arn Anderson & Tully Blanchard

One of the most exciting matches that you’ll see in wrestling is the tag team match. WWE network recently did a top 10 greatest Tag Team’s of all time “based on votes by the WWE Universe” and I could not believe what I saw (actually, it shouldn't have been a shock at all). As expected, there is not a lot of outside creations on a WWE list, but this is a topic (just like “greatest” in other sports debates) that is fun to go back and forth with your friends. At the end of the day, its all opinion , but I put a lot of stock in my opinion so here is my list. But first, the few honorable mentions that didn’t make the top 10 (I mean, there are only 10 spots).

I’ll first mention Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty, The Rockers because of HBK. The never won the tag titles in WWE and the best thing they did together there was win a PWI (Pro Wrestling Illustrated) Match of the Year for their Intercontinental title match on Monday Night Raw. Shelton (Amazing) Benjamin and Charlie Haas formed The Worlds Greatest Tag Team/Team Angle, which put two amateur wrestling studs together and had a great run in WWE and in ROH.(Somebody please get Shelton Benjamin back in the WWE!) I’ll also bring up Billy Gunn, John Morrison and Edge, who all have had a ton of success in multiple tag teams over their careers and some of the best tag matches you’ll see on the network (Rob Van Dam was another decorated tag team champion)! Now lets get into my countdown!

  • 10.The Dudley Boys/Team 3D—Bubba Ray and Devon Dudley were never my favorites because I didn’t care much for the hardcore style and neither of them stood out on their own and impressed me. But together they made a good tag team that is the ‘most decorated tag team in wrestling’.
  • 9.Harlem Heat—Booker T and Stevie Ray formed this duo and took it from small promotions to WCW (where later they became victim to the NWO storylines and Booker T’s HOF single’s career). Booker T was the speed and technical master and Stevie Ray was the power. They won the titles several times and was the most successful African-American team since Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas. Booker T, as we know, went on to have a phenomenal singles career and Stevie Ray tried to stick around but just faded away with WCW. (If you have not seen these two, break out the WCW PPV’s on the WWE Network *plug* and enjoy)
  • 8.Owen Hart & British Bulldog—A lot of people say these two were not a conventional tag team, but I totally disagree. Owen Hart and 'the British Bulldog' Davey Boy Smith were tag partners (and family) that were also fantastic singles wrestlers. You go back to the start of the attitude Era and these guys are holding the belts. Their chemistry was fantastic and they had the formula of many great teams with one bringing something different to the table than the other. After Bret Hart left for WCW, Owen Hart was horribly underused before his tragic end and the Bulldog floated around a little bit (he’s bizarre) before his untimely death. These two (should both be in the Hall of Fame) are a top 5 fav team of mine, but the other teams ahead of them are just a little better (see, even I can hold back on my bias...kind of) .
  • 7.Hart Foundation—Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart we not planned to be a tag team; they were thrown together and it happened to work out just fine. Bret Hart (top 5 wrestler of all time) and his Brother-In-Law Jim Neidhart (Natty's father) both started in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for Stu Hart and his promotion Stampede Wrestling. The two complimented eachother brilliantly (Hart Attack is still one of the greatest duo moves)(if you don't know what the heart attack is, YouTube it) as they won multiple Tag Titles in WWE. (They were apart of the deal when Stu Hart sold Stampede to VKM)
  • 6.Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard—Either as the part of the Horsemen or ‘Brainbusters’, Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard made up to be one of the greatest tag teams in history of Professional Wrestling . After debating with myself, I was shocked to see these two down this low on my list. Unlike other factions that would follow, Blanchard and Anderson would hold gold with almost everyone else in that stable(WOOOO). They went to WWE and even VKM could not keep these guys from the tag titles there (although he made sure they didn’t replay their Horsemen win-loss record in the E. Bobby Hennan is the greatest of all time). Arn Anderson went from being a replacement in a remodified Minnesota Wrecking Crew (with Ole Anderson) to teaming up with Tully, to other wrestlers and giving them instant credibility. Tully’s run with WCW coming short due to drug use is a shame, but you must go search for matches featuring these two and watch how fantastic they are together.

If you can’t tell, I am a huge, huge, Horsemen mark (not the one with Sid or the jobber from the WWE or the other guy from Tennessee that will NOT be named) with Arn and Tully dominating the tag team division and Barry Windham and Flair with their singles title (WOOO). Barry Windham's father was one of the Black Jack's, a pretty terrifying duo during their time. Did you know that? Barry Windham would also go on the WWE and team up with JBL to form a “meh” reboot of the Blackjacks. (Learn something everyday) Well this is part one of the Top 10 Tag Team's article because I typed too much for my liking (which Is crazy because I don’t think I spent enough time explaining these teams). So stay tuned for part two! Whether you like it, or you don’t like it, learn to love it because it’s the best thing going today!

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