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Top 10 strange ex-Olympic sports

The Olympics have been around about 100 years after the many, many centuries absence. In that time some sports have come and some have gone. There wasn't always women's wrestling, softball and baseball.

Here's a look at the Freestyle Ski Moguls course in Sochi, Russia as it appeared in an event in February 2013.
Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Have you noticed all the gymnastic sports that didn't used to be Olympic sports? Sports are periodically put up for review for admission into the Olympics and also for deletion.

Snowboarding or snow boards didn't even exist when I was a kid and now there are half pipes specifically designed for that fantastic sport. If it involves acrobatics then the Olympics will consider allowing it as an Olympic event.

Men's wrestling, for some reason, was recently on the verge of being eliminated from Olympic competition. The committee in charge of that decision, however, reconsidered after protests from almost everywhere.

After all, wrestling was one of the original sports in the ancient Greek Olympics way back when.

Ten Olmpic sports that once were and are no more

Cricket used to be an Olympic sport. I don't know anyone here in Florida who plays it however it's popular in nations of the British Commonwealth or places where people talk with a British accent.

Motor boating used to be an Olympic sport. There aren't any other sports in the Olympics in 2014 I can think of that involve gasoline engines.

Polo used to be an Olynpic sport. It's a sport that is played on horses. Water polo (without horses), both men's and women's, is in the Summer Olympics.

Equestrian long jump used to be a sport in the early 20th century. This was a dangerous sport, I would guess, for both the riders and the horses.

The rope climb was in Olympic competition at one time and it is no more. It was a timed event that involved several ropes.

Tug-of-war was a competitive sport in the early 20th century. In ancient times some countries did the tug-of-war with a pit of fire in the middle. Perhaps there were some countries who recalled that awful memory.

Underwater swimming is no longer an Olympic sport although synchronized swimming is and it involves a lot of underwater swimming.

Live pigeon shooting is no longer an Olympic shooting event. There are rifles involved in the Olympics though. In Sochi you'll see cross country skiers packing a rifle if you watch closely, but they're shooting at targets and not at pigeons or ducks.

The equestrian high jump was eliminated in the early 20th century. It seems a bit dangerous. Maybe there was a lack of interest in continuing the sport.

Pistol shooting used to be an Olympic sport and it is no more.

Check out the top ten video to see what used to fashionable and isn't anymore.

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