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Top 10 signs you're ready for a relationship

1. You leave the bar early because you’re bored.

2. Jim’s Steakout at 4am is no longer fun, it’s depressing.

3. You are filled with a newfound openness toward others and consequently have woken up beside someone you’d never dream of sleeping with.

4. You decide you don’t want to meet your next potential partner in a bar and start bugging your friends to do more intellectual things with you, like poetry readings and lectures at local bookstores. (Note: Despite your friends’ good intentions, they’re going to avoid this one for as long as possible).

5. You refuse to engage in any conversation that starts with the words “My ex (insert name) would be great for you”.

6. Avoiding the lesbian fishbowl (see #5) is becoming increasingly important. If you’re going to get serious this time, you don’t want it to be with someone who’s already been there with someone you know.

7. You no longer make fun of your friends who have to “answer to” someone else. In fact, having to run something by another person is starting to look pretty good.

8. You’ve looked at your loyal pet at least once and thought, why can’t I find someone like you? Only, you know, human.

9. The Shanes of the world are no longer attractive to you and there’s something oddly appealing about the Alice types.

10. You just want to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie with the one you love (whoever she is).


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