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Top 10 signs that the offer is a scam

Bogus job offers might not be worth a look, but they are certainly worth a laugh.

The fact that you received a job offer by email is one sign that the “company” might not be on the up and up, but here are 10 more signs:

  1. The email starts with “Dear Sir or Madam…”
  2. The email came from a free email account, such as gmail, hotmail or yahoo.
  3. The company wants you to handle customer transactions through your bank account.
  4. Spelling and grammatical errors abound.
  5. Spelling and grammatical errors abound, but “good communication skills” is listed as a requirement.
  6. The provided link to the company’s website is a URL.
  7. You are asked for personal information, such as your Social Security number.
  8. You’re offered “financial sovereignty,” (whatever that is).
  9. You’re offered “financial sovereignty, working from home, for only 3-5 hours a week.
  10. You are a [insert career description here], but the sender indicates that you are the ideal candidate for a Cheque (sic) Assist Manager position.

Seen any real doozies lately? Paste excerpts into the comment section.


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