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Top 10 Sales Incentive Tips You Should Know in 2014

Sales Incentive Programs
Sales Incentive Programs
Sales Incentive Programs

Sales contents, reward, refreshment or incentive, no matter what you call this program, it is an important part of the game. Surely employees work for money but to perform beyond expectations your company has to come with something really extraordinary.

And over the last few years, Sales Incentive Programs have evolved beyond occasional lunches and cash programs. You have to find the right mix of tangible and intangible benefits that will offer benefits. Here are some of the expert tips that will help.

  1. Planning is the most important part of all sales incentive programs. There are no perfect or universal campaigns that can work for all. Tailor-made approaches work the best for businesses.
  2. Nothing works better than surprises. Tell employees that they can take a half day off or even better if you can take everyone for a movie. It’s the best way to refresh tired minds for the day ahead.
  3. Nothing can replace the motivation one derives fro being the ‘Employee of the Month’. It’s one of those classics that do not fail. Explore ideas like trophies, certificates or wall frames and see what works for you.
  4. Contests are also popular these days. It’s a great idea for team competition and to achieve higher sales. Just make sure that you reward more people and not just one person.
  5. Some companies just fail to describe sales incentive program in detail. This is a huge mistake and will most likely leave everyone dissatisfied. Discuss all the points and then deliver the plan in writing.
  6. What do people regret the most in their careers? It’s ‘if I could have studied longer’. Now you can perfectly use the idea to motivate them. Sponsor diplomas and correspondence degree courses.
  7. Sandwiches and beers are the perfect breakaway thing from routines. It helps them calm down and connect with each other. Let them do the talking while you take a backseat.
  8. Cash rewards might not work at all times but they can still help. Design a combination of different benefits with cash reward to keep things simple.
  9. Annual programs are never right as sales incentive. They are monotonous and do not make the employees give their 100% on day to day basis.
  10. Lastly but most importantly, design differently for employees and top management. Often executive level employees feel belittled with a common plan. It’s a bitter truth to accept.
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