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Top 10 Reasons to go to The State Fair of Texas


Fish Purse




Diversion is the apple that fell on Newton's head. Going to the Fair is important to your business and here are some best practices you can apply:

  1. Security is good.  Before entering we were wanded by a nice security person who complimented my wife on her fish purse.  At departure we were approached by a tall, handsome Dallas cop with a gun who had sensitively ascertained the intensity of our discussion and asked if he could assist.  I advised him we’d been at the fair for 8 hours and we were tired, but my wife, disguising her forlornness, hadn’t seen the pig races.  Without drawing his weapon he counseled that as long as we were there we should go see the pig races, and that he liked my wife’s fish purse.  We headed to the pig races, pausing along the way to hear the Celtic rock band The Killdares.
  1. The Pig Races.  You can learn a lot about pig behavior modification, skills that are highly transferable at home and in the work place.  Wagering is off book. 
  1. The Auto Show.  Most, not all, major auto manufacturers were there.  It’s a great place to see-touch-feel cars and trucks without traipsing all over to car lots.  Standing right next to my wife some 20 something chick hit on me at the old Corvettes, then she saw my wife, her fish purse, and security and scurried away like one of the little rabbits in my yard.
  1. Customer Service.  We beat everybody to the first Turkey Leg of the morning at Hans Mueller’s.  The fellas were awful nice and practically ran to the back of the place to fetch it.  The lady at the Fried Banana Pudding counter was the best, explaining carefully her wares and the difference between the photo and reality was appreciated, whatta smile!  Borden had the best deal at the Fair which was $1 Donation and you get your choice of milk flavors, lemonade or tea.  We bought about 6 of those and stashed them in our Borden bag.  Elsie the Borden cow had to be taking “Mother’s little helpers” again to tolerate the crowd and the likes of me wanting my picture made with her docile self.  Honorable mention to Darby Parking, $5, adjacent to the grounds, the folks were very nice and there were plenty of them to watch my car.
  1. The Stunt Dogs had Frisbee catching dogs, dogs that jumped 25 feet into large tubs, and Jack Russell Terrier races.  If it wasn’t for my dog and yours, these dogs could be the best dogs in the world.
  1. The Butter Sculpture always has its finger on the pulse of culture, as it should with its temporal and temperature limitations.  This year was a early 1900’s depiction of a cute retail scene with a flirty coquette and proprietor, symbolic of how big government is taking care of big banks methinks.  Pass the biscuits.
  1. Ambience is always surreal at the fair.  Daylight showed off the larger than life art deco frescoes and sculptures wedded to the architecture, some with newish paint.  Night time saw some of those with beautifully lit backgrounds.  Giant swan pedal boats were in the pond.  Wildly creative yard art and landscapes took over near the pond.  I’ve been in the Dallas area since 1957, and never have I seen Big Tex dressed as nattily as 2009, and he showed no “attitude” when we posed together for our photo.
  1. Kitchen Craft Cookware seemed to be everywhere all the time.  For sheer presence, they get number 3, and I hope they have their best year ever at the fair.
  1. Birds of The World by Steve Martin, brought to you by Kroger.  Talk about training programs, they rightfully brag that they only reward right behavior and don't acknowledge wrong behavior.  I love the mantra of catching someone doing something right and give great encouragement.  If they can do it with wild birds, and whatta show it is, imagine doing that with people.  I feel even better about shopping at Kroger.

1.  The United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps.  To me on those grounds on that day they are the embodiment of what enables The State Fair of Texas to happen, Freedom.



  • Chris Esparza, Dallas BlackBerry Examiner 5 years ago

    Excellent article! Topical, humorous and briliantly written!

  • Lesa Young Cowboy Fan and Friend of James 5 years ago

    Great article James...makes me want to go to the fair and I haven't been since 1989....just reading it I could smell the taffey, the cotton candy, the corney dogs....and Elsie the cow was my favorite when I was a child. My mom started a part of her career in the Auto building with Raquel a pic of that somewhere!(before her boob job, Raquel's not Mom's...LOL)

  • Sassafras 5 years ago

    What wonderful diction! You truly are a magnificent writer.